The Immunity Blueprint - Eric Edmeades

The Immunity Blueprint – Eric Edmeades


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Recently, has it regarded like your fitness is from your hands?

If so, you have to recognise that it’s far not.

That proper now, your immune machine merits your fullest attention.

Especially due to the fact this splendid mechanism on your frame doesn’t simply shield you from illness: it additionally heals you quicker whilst you do get unwell. And even enables you look, feel, and carry out at your first-rate at any age.

Yet such a lot of components of cutting-edge life – from our diet, to our paintings culture, to the recommendation we’re given withinside the media and in clinics – regularly paintings in unison to sicken and weaken us.

This is why maximum humans assume falling unwell as a minimum as soon as each few months is “normal”.

Why a lot of us unknowingly fall into conduct and practices that silently weaken our immunity.

And additionally why many clinical specialists attention greater on healing procedures and treatment, as opposed to stopping avoidable ailments earlier than they could manifest.

The Immunity Blueprint is the treatment to this challenge; at a time whilst a more potent immune machine has end up greater crucial than ever.

Designed via way of means of well being visionary and WILDFIT writer Eric Edmeades, this machine harnesses today’s first-rate know-how in biology, nutrition, exercise, and greater to dramatically and completely support your immune machine in simply 29 days:

All thru on hand day by day conduct and life-style shifts you could observe in as low as a couple of minutes a day, with minimum rate or hassle.

29 Days To A Lifetime Of Stronger Immunity

The Immunity Blueprint is a highly optimized system designed to create incremental, sustainable change in your daily habits and patterns that impact your immunity.

As you move through the 29-day program, you’ll discover easy shifts to your diet, breathing, sleep and movement patterns, and even your emotions that rapidly compound into a life-changing (and permanent) transformation of your two categories of immunity:

  1. Innate immunity: your body’s automatic physical, cellular, and chemical defense systems against viruses, bacteria, and disease triggers.
  2. Acquired immunity: your body’s ability to fight pathogens through exposure and adaption to them.

The Immunity Blueprint is like having a world-class medical expert, guiding you every day towards the precise tools, choices, and behavioral changes you need to boost your immunity and health.

Within weeks, you’ll notice yourself falling sick far less often. Healing and recovering in a fraction of the time. Sleeping better. And looking and feeling better than ever.

And the high-immunity lifestyle that rewards you with all these outcomes will have become second nature – without any of the difficulty or willpower struggles you’ll often encounter in other health transformation protocols.

Total Health Transformation, Minus The Struggle

Most health transformation protocols today come with one major flaw: they’re not designed with natural human behavior in mind. Meaning they’re frustratingly hard to commit to, and don’t create the long-term behavioral changes you need for a lasting improvement in your wellbeing.

(You may have noticed this in yourself or people around you who try diets and fitness/wellness programs – only to be back at square one after a few weeks or months.)

The Immunity Blueprint solves this flaw through an approach Eric Edmeades calls Behavioral Change Dynamics (BCD). By combining best practices in fields like psychology, hypnosis, evolutionary psychology, and transformative language patterns, BCD guides you through a struggle-free process of sustainable change that sticks – both consciously and subconsciously.

The average program only sees completion rates in the single digits. But through BCD, over 80% of people who use Eric’s protocols end up completing and transforming through them. The chances are extraordinarily high that you will too.

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