The Intention Activator - Elma Mayer

The Intention Activator – Elma Mayer


The Intention Activator – Elma Mayer course is available you can Download Instantly after payment!

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The Intention Activator - Elma Mayer 1An Advanced Manifestation Machine.

What it is: A 53-minute Audio – plus a “magic” chart, and an ebook.

What you’ll do as you listen: During the audio, you’ll be guided to tune in to your Top Ten Gratitudes, and then to your Top Ten Intentions. You’ll just follow some simple instructions, like “Write down your first goal” and then “Breathe like this” or “Feel into that part of your body” or “Imagine this image”. (And you can’t do it wrong! Even if you’re not sure you’re doing it right, it still works.)

How it works: My “Secret Morphic Formula” runs in the background, transmuting the Power of your Gratitudes into the Power to Activate your Intentions. (This “formula” is totally unique! At least I’m not aware of anything else like it.)

(This may seem complicated, but you don’t need to deal with the complex stuff! I do it for you!)

What does The Intention Activator do? 

  • Transports your awareness… into a gentle, easy Flow – towards your Purpose(s).
  • Transforms your gratitude… into a 10x-power engine of manifestation & instant healing activation.
  • Transcends your blocks… & dissolves your doubts, hidden resistance, stuckness, limitations, and old patterns… effortlessly.

What will happen afterwards:

  • You’ll gain immense momentum, in at least ten areas of your life!
  • You’ll sense a huge opening of possibilities, abundance, opportunities, synchronicities, and support from the universe.
  • Your sense of “problematic limitations” will dissolve.
  • You’ll find yourself in the Flow of your Highest Purpose. (Some call this “Law of Attraction” – but it’s really your Purpose that attracts YOU to it.)
  • And if you ever find yourself OUT of the Flow (which happens to us all sometimes)… you’ll know how to shift back to it, quickly and easily.

Your Intentions Gather Power… to Become Real on ALL Levels.

Let’s get The Intention Activator – Elma Mayer  course by click check out right now!

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