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If you’re reading this page, the likelihood is you’ve seen the information we’ve been releasing over the past week and have witnessed the remarkable student success stories along with other undeniable proof that the system can really work…



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From the desks of Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

If you’re reading this page, the likelihood is you’ve seen the information we’ve been releasing over the past week and have witnessed the remarkable student success stories along with other undeniable proof that the system can really work…

So if you are poised and ready to get started, head down to the foot of the page and take action immediately.

This page will only be available for a very limited amount of time before we shut the doors PERMANENTLY — so time really is a critical factor here.

But if this happens to be your first time hearing about this, or you simply need a little more information, give us just 10 minutes of your time today so we can reveal…

How this breathtakingly simple system has produced life-changing results for many of our founding students…

…and how we are VERY confident that if you take action, follow the steps and work hard, it could also do the same for you, regardless of your age, background or experience.

However, just before we give you more detail on what we're going to be showing you today and exactly how it works, let me give you…

A Quick-Fire Background On Who We Are…

If you don’t know already, I’m Aidan Booth, and my business partner is Steven Clayton.

Steve has been running online businesses for over 17 years since leaving his corporate job in 2003.

He quickly saw success with affiliate marketing and built a digital business that started to make more than $50K each month.

He then expanded to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream, which is still at the core of our business today.

For me, I started in 2006 with the idea of building a small income stream that would allow me to be geographically independent.

I knew that I’d never be able to be completely free if I was tied down to a day job in my native New Zealand, so I set about finding a way to make more money.

To cut a long story short, within a couple of years I had managed to build a consistent online income of more than twenty thousand dollars a month.

As a result, I became officially free to live anywhere in the world, was able to quit my day-job and since then have never looked back.

So that is where it all started…

Fast-forward to the present day, our business has grown tremendously…

We now have multiple ventures that collectively generate 8-figures each year and have a team of over 60 employees who are based in the USA and all across the globe.

So… that's a very brief background on us.

Now that you know who we are…

Here’s why we are exceptionally excited to share this information with you today…

In order to do this, we need to transport ourselves back to 2020 when we visited Tokyo, Japan.

We went there for a very specific reason…

…And that was to visit the “Billion dollar” chain of brick-and-mortar stores called “Don Quijote” which the cutting-edge money-making system we’re going to be telling you about today is modelled on.

Here are some photos from our trip…

But what makes this system "cutting-edge" exactly?

Well, to give you some context, most training courses which show you how to set up a business selling products online, generally advise to choose ONE niche, then pick (or create) ONE product to sell in that niche – certainly as a starting point.

Clearly, that can and DOES work.

Many people and companies have made a lot of money doing this.

However, we always saw an ISSUE with this strategy for a very simple reason…

By choosing one niche and one product, essentially what you are doing is putting ALL your eggs in the same basket.

…and once you have bought your domain name, designed your branding and have ordered your first batch of inventory (which could cost thousands of dollars), you are basically “ALL IN”.

If there’s demand and you start to successfully sell, then that’s great… you're making money.

BUT — if you were unfortunate enough to have read the market incorrectly and the product doesn’t start to sell, then you are in a whole world of hurt and subsequently could be down thousands of dollars in unsold stock.

And this is EXACTLY what attracted us to this Tokyo store in the first place….


They generate BILLIONS of dollars every year selling literally every single type of product in every single market that you can possibly imagine.

Everything from Toys to Tricycles to Tanning Gloves…

They load up their storefronts and shelving with small batches of different types of products to see what sells the best…

They then place the best-selling products in more visible places (and remove what does not sell…)

Then they continue to add, test, replace and optimize their product offerings to boost their sales and increase their profits…

…until they have a "store" stacked full of products that ALL convert like gangbusters.

The Kibo Code system was inspired by this, and we do exactly the same.

The DIFFERENCE is we do it ONLINE.

Here's how…

  • We set up a simple online store…
  • We test products in multiple niches simultaneously.
  • We implement FREE traffic strategies to target people who are actively looking to buy these products and get INSTANT traction and sales. 
  • We then eliminate products that don't sell (and keep the ones that do). 

…then keep on adding and testing more products in the same way to gradually increase our income.

The end result?

You've guessed it…

Get The Kibo Code Quantum 2021 – Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton, Only Price $137

We end up with an online store of killer products that ALL convert to sales and profits!

So the question I hope you are asking yourself now – is this…

Why would you want to limit yourself to selling ONE product, in ONE niche…

…when you could be selling 50 profitable products in MULTIPLE niches and making CONSIDERABLY more money!??

(…and while eliminating ALL the risk associated with buying inventory upfront).

The fact is this method of doing things works exceptionally well – to the point where…..

Our online stores are generating thousands of dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY!

However, I bet you’re wondering…

Why wouldn’t we just keep this a secret??

I mean, most people would.

The thing is we love teaching people how to build online businesses – we’ve been doing so for nearly 15 years…

…and over that time we've had a colossal number success stories where people have completely changed their lives for the better.

For us, it’s the most satisfying thing in the world.

Plus, there are so many opportunities out there that we would never even get to 1% of them ourselves even if we hired hundreds more staff.

So "competition", in that sense, really isn't an issue.

And it is exactly for that reason why 12 months ago, in January 2020, we launched the first version of “The Kibo Code” – an online training course that showed others how to use this system too.

We were hopeful…

Hopeful that the simplicity of the system would mean students would do well with it.

But what happened next SHOCKED US TO THE CORE

We were totally unprepared for the success rate we saw.

Within a short period of time, many of our students who had taken-action, followed the training and had put in the effort into to get their websites online, began enjoying sales numbers such as these…

..and the above is just a SMALL SELECTION

Just check out some of these success stories that came flooding into our private forum around Easter time last year…

Of course, not everyone started generating sales like this — The above examples are a selection of some of our most successful students and are not typical. Some people required more help and assistance… and of course some people never took any action at all! (bad move!)

But the point is… these weren’t “one offs”…

Fast-forward to today, the current situation is that many of our founding members are STILL earning great money using the original Kibo system and have built up very successful businesses.

Check out some of these RECENT RESULTS from other successful students…

It's pretty clear to see that this way of making money online really works, but only IF you take action and put the effort in.

Here’s the thing…

Even though the success rate has been incredible…

And even though we’ve spent the best part of 12 months over-delivering with extensive amounts of additional training to our founding members…

We felt we could do even more, to make the success rate EVEN HIGHER.

The fact is we've learned a heck of a lot over these past 12 months and have been working diligently refining the system ourselves by testing out new strategies and processes in order to make the core training as effective as humanly possible.

And it is this that we’re going to be telling you about today.

We believe that no matter where you live in the world and no matter what your level of experience or how many times you have failed before…

The Opportunity Staring You In The Face TODAY Is Monumental

Let me explain…

We can safely assume that since you began looking to the internet as a way out of your day job…or to simply supplement your income, you've been led into trying one of the following in an attempt to make money online…

Affiliate Marketing…
Selling products on Amazon…
AliExpress Dropshipping…
Creating Info products…
Search Engine Marketing…

…and obviously, the list goes on.

Of course, maybe you've had success, (and we sincerely hope you have)… but what we CAN assume is the reason you've pursued one or more of these avenues is because the products, courses and people you've been following have been telling you to do so.

Now let me just clarify something important…

There's absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above online models…

In fact, (barring Kindle, which we've never really focused on) we make a ton of money with these business models too…

However, while these models have the potential to make huge profits, some of them are notoriously difficult to implement, financially risky and it can take many months for EFFORT to materialize into MONEY.

And this "months to materialize into money" factor is a KEY POINT for one VERY important reason…

"Failure to see results fast" is THE biggest reason why people throw in the towel and never get anywhere.

Has this happened to you?

Have you failed or given up before?

If you have, then obviously it will have hurt (and maybe still does)… but the only way forward is to ignore the past, forget about previous failures, and focus on the future.

That's how every successful online entrepreneur thinks (without exception)… and it's how you should be thinking too.

Here's the thing…

You DON'T have to be ultra-smart, articulate and super-confident to build a successful online business…

Neither do you need to work 24 hours a day or throw yourself into things you don’t like or are uncomfortable doing…

The secret is to focus on finding something you ENJOY, while working as little as possible and making as much money as possible.

In other words, what you should be aiming for is something that…

  • Is rewarding and fun… 
  •  You can run in your own time, from home – with no boss telling you what to do… 
  •  And most importantly has the potential to generate enough money for you to do what you want, when you want — FOREVER. 

 The system we are telling you about today can potentially tick ALL these boxes…

…but only if you take action, put the effort in and "keep going" like Kibo Member, Andrew, mentions below…

Ok, so I guess one of the things you may be thinking is this…

“OK, yourself and your students are making money doing this… but I bet the process is complicated. Would I actually be able to implement this myself?”

The answer is YES for one simple reason.

The process is very simple, only involves 5 core steps… and looks like this…

Here are these 5 core steps you would take in a little more detail…


First, you'd install your optimized "SuperStore"

We've spent the past 12 months testing and tweaking many different types of online storefront and have optimized them down to the highest converting version – the one we personally use to generate thousands of dollars each day.

(In fact, you wouldn’t need to set it up yourself as we’re going to do it for you — but we’ll explain more about this "shortcut" later.)


Next, you would identify a core selection of winning products to load into your "SuperStore" ready to sell.

Now, if you’ve done product research before, you’ll know that there are many ways of identifying products that have the potential to make money.

I’m sure you’ll also know that actually finding winners isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

But again this is something you WON’T need to worry about, as we have another HUGE shortcut you can take advantage of which can solve this potential issue (again, more on this in a moment)

So once you have your products set up and ready to sell, then you move on to…


The third step is all about aiming to reach an initial milestone of $1000 per week in profit by taking advantage of instant sources of "buyer" traffic.

In fact, there would be a couple of different options here for you to choose from.

PAID traffic, or FREE traffic.

We’d assume you’d choose FREE traffic (we'd also recommend this) – and if so, you’d start using a SHORTCUT for generating free 'buyer' traffic which is the best way to start getting your first sales fast. (we'll tell you what this 'shortcut' is in a moment).

Then, once you start making sales, you’ll need to deliver the products you sell to the people who bought them.

The way it works is beautifully simple…

1. A person orders a product from your website (your "SuperStore")…
2. You get paid upfront…
3. You buy the product from the supplier…
4. The supplier ships the product directly to the customer…
5. The difference between what the customer paid for the product on your store and what the supplier charges you for it is your PROFIT.

The good news is that the fulfilment process is automated and doesn’t require you to see or handle any of the products you’ve sold.

So at this point, you have your SuperStore… your products… and hopefully you are successfully selling them and making money.


Next, you need to optimize your sales processes to increase conversions and therefore sales and profits.

We have tested a huge number of strategies and “apps” over the past year and both we, and our successful students, have got this conversion process down to a FINE ART.

You simply copy us.

We use 5 methods, which are easy to implement and using them could allow you to boost your sales dramatically.


In step 5, you’ll be repeating the process in order to hit further milestones – with the aim to eventually go from $1000/week (milestone #1) …to $5000/week (milestone #2) …to $10,000/week (milestone #3) and beyond…

…and you'll do this by retaining the most profitable products on your SuperStore, eliminating the ones that only produce small amounts of profits (or none at all)…

…Then finding NEW winning products to expand your store and increase your revenue.

Of course, and it goes without saying, to get to the $10,000 per week mark will obviously require work on your part and you'll need to follow the system very carefully – and be patient.

However, many students have done it. It IS possible.

And that’s it.

The system really is that simple – and the reality is that you only need a handful of successful products to start making really amazing money.

In fact…..

It is possible to hit the first milestone of $1000 per week with just a small handful of products.

But what about potential obstacles?

Is there anything that could go wrong?

Well, there are three critical elements that have to be 100% nailed for this to work.

  1. You need a store that CONVERTS
  2. You need products that are PROFITABLE
  3. You need traffic that is TARGETED

And that is why we are very excited to introduce…

Get The Kibo Code Quantum 2021 – Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton, Only Price $137

THREE MASSIVE SHORTCUTS that will help eliminate these potential obstacles and maximize your chances of making money with the Kibo Code system.


The first critical element is to build an online store that actually converts traffic into buyers.

This clearly is a "make-or-break" element and there are a number of popular options out there that I'm sure you've heard of….

Shopify… WordPress… Wix… to name but a few.

However, the MAJOR issue with these platforms is that you sign up, get your store, but that is where the help STOPS – leaving you with a gaping hole of unanswered questions.

For instance…Which store theme should you use? Which apps do you need to install? Which products should you sell?

The fact is that the vast majority of themes and apps are both expensive and ineffective …and if you use the incorrect ones from the outset and combine that with selling the wrong type of products, you are essentially doomed to faliure before you've even started.

Not to mention, you need to choose a store name, get an effective domain, design a logo along with a host of other moving parts that ALL need to be done correctly to maximize your chances of success.

The reality is it can be REALLY TOUGH to get these things done correctly, especially if you are lacking in experience.

However, the good news is that we have the SOLUTION – something we have been working on for the past 12 months.

It's called the Kibo LaunchPad – and the best thing about it is…

The vast majority of the work is DONE-FOR-YOU

All the guesswork is taken out of the entire process because we give you the EXACT same "setups" that WE use on our own SuperStores to generate thousands of dollars each day.

Products… domain name… logo design… SuperStore theme… apps… are all SOLVED.

And this means one thing…

You can set up your store, be online and ready to sell incredibly fast, even if you have ZERO experience.

In fact, it's a SUPER-SIMPLE 3-STEP set up…

1. You select a domain name from our pre-filtered list then generate your logo with our special software.
2. You install the high-converting theme
3. You access your own set of 10 products (which are unique to you), push a button…

…then you go LIVE and are ready to sell. That's all there is to it.

In case you we're wondering, let me just clarify something that was mentioned a moment ago…

Yes, we HAVE PICKED 10 PRODUCTS FOR YOU that'll be preloaded onto your store.

You will not need to spend days or weeks doing product research.

…and remember, the fulfilment process is automated and doesn’t require you to see or handle any of the products you’ve sold – EVER.

This is exactly why you can go from start to selling in a VERY short amount of time.

Of course, if you want to choose additional products to sell on your SuperStore you absolutely can do that and you have a selection of 2 million to choose from – but we'll talk a little more about that in "SHORTCUT #3".

So now that you have your store and products set up LIVE and ready to go, what else do you need in order to start making sales and profits?

Correct! — TRAFFIC. To make money you need targeted traffic – obviously.

Of course, there are many different ways to get website traffic – and people struggle with almost all of them.

…and it's not surprising as traffic generation is a difficult beast to master, especially if you're paying for it.

But the thing is, it CAN be mastered.

…And that brings us neatly on to our next shortcut…


One of the big breakthrough's we've had in the past few months is discovering a NEW source of traffic that is FREE, immediate, targeted and easy to get…

It's sourced from Facebook… but isn't "regular" Facebook traffic as you may know it.

In fact, it's got NOTHING to do with "Facebook Ads" or "Facebook Groups"… or indeed, any of the other "FB" methods you may have heard about or used before.

This is about taking your products and putting them in front of people who are looking to buy them right at that very moment.

In fact, this entirely new approach is a way of getting FREE TRAFFIC and SALES from an active group of…

Up to 100 Million US-based "Buyers".

Here's how it works…

You open the Facebook "Marketplace", list your products in 3 minutes flat (without having to do any image work, ad copy or product descriptions)

…and when you get a "bite" and someone requests more information about the product you are selling, you simply send them a link to the product on your SuperStore where they can buy it.

In other words, you simply list your products, make fast sales, fulfil the products and count your profits.

You can target the whole of the USA (no matter where you are located in the world)…and if you're thinking that the Facebook Marketplace only gets trickles of traffic… think again.

As of a couple of years ago, there were 800 million monthly users of the Facebook marketplace around the world… and that figure is probably closer to ONE BILLION now… meaning that there are mostly likely close to 100 million US-based active buyers, as we mentioned a moment ago.

In other words the traffic is COLOSSAL.

…and so is the amount of money you can potentially make using it.

And…. it's 100% FREE.

But what are you actually aiming for here?

Well, by using the Kibo LaunchPad to set up your SuperStore and taking advantage of this incredible source of free traffic, your first aim is to hit…

That's aim number ONE… Get motivated, take action, follow the steps (which is critical) …and get to $1000 per week in PROFIT.

Let me ask you… how much difference would $1000 extra each week make to you?

For the majority, it would be an absolute life-changer.

Most people would be VERY satistfied with that.

But the crazy thing is this — Milestone 1 is just the beginning. The next stage is to SCALE.

There are 2 CORE SCALE FACTORS that we use…

1. Expand to other traffic sources
2. Identify more profitable products to sell

Let's deal with finding "more profitable products" first – which leads us on to…


It used to be the case that you had to use (and pay for) various tools and services in order to uncover profitable products to sell.

But even then, it was "hit and miss" and would require hours or even days of research in order to dig up anything actually worth selling.

Not only that, it was difficult to know whether the products you found would actually be profitable…and even more difficult to find reliable suppliers who would consistantly have them in stock.

The good news is that we have OBLITERATED these issues with what we call The PROFIT VAULT.

The Profit Vault is highly advanced software which allows you to pinpoint profitable products to sell from our in-house database of well over 2 million products.

It allows you to analyze thousands of products in a matter of seconds saving literally hours, if not days of laborius reserarch.

Not only that, we have a group of vetted suppliers who have all the products in stock and ready for you to sell.

Then, once you have identified more product to sell on your store to increase your sales and profits, you can automatically suck it straight into your SuperStore using The Kibo LaunchPad.

Here's how it works…

So what does this all mean?

Simply put…

Shortcuts 1 and 2 (LaunchPad and Traffic Secrets) will help you hit Milestone #1, a run rate of $1000 per week in profit.

Then the Kibo Profit Vault, will accelerate the speed in which you can find and sell additional products to boost your profits… which, if you take action and put in the work, will help propel you on to reach…

But what what happens then?

Well I'm sure you would agree that making an extra $5000 per week would be kinda' nice! After all, that equates to $20K per month – or nearly a quarter million dollars per year.

However, just like some of our most successful students, it is possible to go even further.

Remember that over the past 2 years we have generated millions of dollars with this method, with our best weeks running close to the range of $150K in sales.

Remember also that many of our students are doing exceptionally well with this business model too…

Meaning, even though it may seem hard to believe at this point, the next milestone of $10,000 in profit per week… is certainly possible to reach.

Of course, you will need to put in some serious work to get there… but when it boils down it, it's simply a matter of SCALING.

The question is, what is the process for hitting Milestone 3?

Well honestly, the three shortcuts we've laid out in the past few minutes EASILY have the capability of pushing you towards Milestone 3 on their own as you basically have everything you need…

A store that converts… products to sell… and FREE traffic.

However, in order to hit Milestone 3 as fast as possible, we need to look at the other scale factor we mentioned a few moments ago… and that was expanding your traffic.

Listen, if you are happy with achieving up to a few thousand dollars in profit each week, then that's fine. You can simply stick with FREE traffic.

But if you really want to take it to the next level, YOU CAN… by taking advantage of another secret traffic source that few people even know about it.

This traffic source will allow you to…

Pay "pennies on the dollar" for highly targeted clicks that'll allow you to rapidly scale

To explain…

This is all about getting extra sales and making more money using instant sources of "buyer" traffic from Microsoft and Google's “Shopping Platforms”.

and here's how it works…

All you need to do is tell the shopping platforms the "product pages" on your site and they will suck in the images and text from your website and automatically create your Ads for you.

Once this is done, you launch the campaign, only pay for cheap clicks that have the highest chance of turning a profit, then you keep testing until you end up with additional high-converting products that'll make you the most money.

This is in sharp contrast to advertising with standard Facebook Ads and "regular Google pay-per-click ads" which are 10x more expensive – plus, you never know how much you are ACTUALLY going to pay for ads.

This is what the process looks like


…and that's it.

And what if you reach Milestone 3…. $10,000 PER WEEK IN PROFIT?

You continue to scale up even further.

More products, more stores and more profits.

Can you see the potential here?

A question you may be asking is… Have I not seen this type of thing before? Is this not just regular ecommerce?

No – this is different. Very different.

To explain why, here are:..

5 Huge Benefits That Set This Apart From Everything Else Out There…

We use untapped sources of high-targeted buyer traffic (both FREE and PAID sources) where you place the products you are selling directly in front of people who are looking to buy them right at that very moment.

We only use products from US suppliers and to begin with we only sell these products to US-based people. We don't have to worry about communication issues like you often get when dealing with China.

We don't stock, ship or ever touch any products and we NEVER buy inventory upfront. With many models you need to spend as much as $2000 in inventory to get started.
With this method you don’t need to buy a product until you've actually sold it.

You could get very RAPID RESULTS
As you are able to fill your store with top-converting, profitable products within minutes, you can test products to see if they sell within super-short time periods of 48
hours or less.

This system requires very little time to start, and as little as 5 to 10 hours a week to run so you can continue to work your day-job or current online business (if you want to). However, it goes without saying that the more time you spend on your business, the more successful you are likely to be.

Get The Kibo Code Quantum 2021 – Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton, Only Price $137

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