The Missing Link - Bill Kipp

The Missing Link – Bill Kipp


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The Missing Link - Bill Kipp 1The Missing Link – Bill Kipp course is available you will get immediately after payment only $297 $33.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Self-Protection Through Awareness, Avoidance, and De-Escalation.ogg

No matter what fighting style or system you practice, theres no getting around the fact that the best defense is not having to fight at all. Unfortunately, this missing link in self-defense training has been largely ignored until now.

In this original Paladin video production, self-defense expert Bill Kipp teaches you the verbal and psychological skills you need to preempt violent attacks and end fights before they start. Kipp first explains the normal human reactions to confrontation and how they can instantly mark you as an easy target. He then reveals proven strategies that enable you to take control of a situation, assertively de-escalating potential conflicts and repelling would-be attackers. Through a variety of dramatic scenarios, you’ll also learn when and why to make eye contact, how not to get hooked by a predators taunting words and the secrets of transforming the adrenal rush of a confrontation into an effective, assertive defense.

The Missing Link is one of the most important self-protection videos ever produced and is must-see viewing for anyone who is serious about personal safety. For information purposes only. This video contains adult language.

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