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Would you like to get practical tools for using NLP with yourself and your family or friends in everyday situations? Have you at some time been fascinated with magic, fortune telling and secret ancient spiritual teachings, but unable to integrate them with the practical world you live in on a day-to-day basis? You will not need to convert to a religion, or to believe in things that cannot be explained. And yet, after this training you will be able to …

Use the NLP Tarot deck for games of chance, for divination and as a guide to personal transformation.

Experience divination as a methodology for accessing trance states and creative non-linear solutions

Use not just the individual meanings of the Tarot cards, but the system that creates those meanings.

Use the NLP Tarot Deck (©Transformations 2015, provided at the training) as a detailed guide for doing NLP sessions at home, with yourself and others.

Understand the secret history of the Tarot and its correlations with the NLP RESOLVE and TOTE models.

Access the creativity of your unconscious mind and use it to solve everyday problems.

Practice simple magical rituals and model their application of Ericksonian ideomotor responses.

Experience altered states of consciousness and paranormal experiences using a modern fully researched version of Scrying (crystal ball gazing).

Be initiated into these methods by a descendent of the Roma people and of the Scandinavian Wiccans (OK that probably has very little real epigenetic effect, but it’s fun to know).

Be Certified as an Adept of the NLP Tarot, and begin walking the ancient spiritual path of the Magi (Magicians) in this modern world.

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