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Follow The Core 5 Step Super Affiliate Blueprint That Avoids Ad Account Shut Downs And Helps You Grow A Scorching Affiliate Business



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"How To Become A Super Affiliate in 2020 By Tapping Into This Proven 'Step By Step' Blueprint

(Super Affiliate Marketing Is More Powerful Than Anything You Can Ever Imagine)

  • ​$1.18+ Million So Far This Year From A SINGLE AD Account (I have 50+) – R.O.I typically ranging between 532%- 851%
  • ​How To Avoid Account Bans, Pain and Unnecessary Stress By Following Our 'Tried and Tested' Blueprint.
  • All By ​Selling super simple, low risk everyday products as an affiliate '24/7' like clockwork.

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From the desk of Peter Parks & Andrew Fox

Subject: Turning YOU into a Super Affiliate in 2020.

Dear Reader,

2020 is the start of a new decade and I have a question..

Be totally honest… 

How have the first 6 months been for you?

Have you achieved your personal & financial goals and are you truly living the life of your dreams?

In October We Hosted A 3 Day Super Affiliate

Work Shop  And The Feedback


(Please watch the quick video below)


Our Inboxes have exploded since then With People Saying "I'm Sorry I Missed This  – Please Allow Me Another

Chance to Get Back In!"

Well I have good news and bad news for you today.

Due to our already hectic 2020 schedules we are not planning another online Super Affiliate Workshop in the near future.

You missed out before…

But will you miss out again?

Introducing Our New Online Membership Website

'Super Affiliate Mastery' – The 'Step by Step' Blueprint 

Tried and Tested Over 15 Years.


  • 5 Step Million Dollar Blueprint: Our affiliate promotions ALWAYS follow this 'tried and tested' 5 step process. 
  • Scaling Your Ads The Right Away: Find it hard to scale or ROI diminishing? This is how to fix it.
  • Super Affiliate Check List Blueprints: Follow our systematic formula in an easy to follow fashion
  • ​And much, much more inside…. 

Follow The Core 5 Step Super Affiliate Blueprint That Avoids Ad Account Shut Downs And Helps You Grow A Scorching Affiliate Business


My Little 21 Year Old Nephew Made His First $1224 Day Following This 5 Step System Promoting A Simple Ol’ Clickbank Product…

(If he Quit His Casual ‘Pot Habit’ He May Do Even Better)

And we’ll be quite transparent. 

He spent $336 on advertising that day.. But that is still a 336% Return on Investment.

YES – $888 Pure NET Profit… in a single day…

If he quit his “other” lifestyle habit he could probably ramp up even better.

I Shared His Screen Shot On Social and again people Were BEGGING me to share the system

Social Media is a double edged sword… 

While it helps keep people connected and brings the world closer than it’s ever been before…

…And provides us with one of the greatest opportunities to write your own “paycheck on demand”… 

It also leads to a lot of “Smoke & Mirrors” – I mean be honest here… how many falsehoods are being lived online.

And I think people are just about fed up. 

The Horrific Truth Is Most So Called “Influencers” Are Scraping the Bottom Of The Barrel Every Month Just To Survive And Pay Their Living Costs While We Are Making BANK”

Having A Real Proven ‘A-Z Super Affiliate System”

 That Truly Gives You Freedom Without Hype


Do You Want To Keep Following People Who Are Living In A Social Media Illusion?

Or is today the day things are going to change for you?

When you say “enough is enough” and make the decision to do something about it once and for all.

And finally… listen to people with a real , proven, tried and battle tested record built with over 30 years combined experience.

Yes – Some of these are “household names” with 100,000’s of followers you would instantly recognise 

… yet they don’t know how to monetize their following.

In fact they quite often write in to to us asking for help to cover next months bills as they are going under.

We tell them what we are about to tell you..

Followers and Likes Don’t Pay The Bills!

Want to put this to the test?

Try Going to The Bank , loading up your Instagram account and saying..

“Hey I’ve Got 100,000 Followers and 5,000 Likes On My Latest Post but I’m a little behind on my mortgage payment… can you cut me a little slack this month?

First they will look at you as if you have 2 heads..

Second… they will slap a default notice on you so fast you won’t even see it coming and torch your credit files within a matter of days. 

If You Want To Finally Learn From Two REAL Super Affiliates Who Have Been Doing This For Over 15 Years Then This Might Just Be For You…

You won’t see any “rented homes” or shenanigans from us. 

In fact we collectively owns homes & real estate portfolios across Canada, Ireland , UK and Asia to name just a few places

I can tell you … it’s a great feeling not be taking shots of “other peoples” homes to get “likes” on Instagram.

And with a testimonial list that could fill 100+ pages alone if we wanted to list them all. We’ve included just a small handful below

 “A Few Years Ago We Launched A Product Together Called DNA Wealth Blueprint – One Of The Premier Advertising Programs On Teaching Facebook Advertising.

The feedback was un real. 

We created some of the biggest success stories on the planet.

And the demand for more teaching never stopped.

Check a few out below from this 2 minute highlight reel. 

IGNORE What you have Been Taught So Far…

It’s not just about “Cost Per Click”..

It’s not just about “Ad Frequency , Targeting 

It’s not about having a certain “Click Thru Rate… 

I’m sorry to say but it's all…. W-R-O-N.G!

“You’ll hear people debate all day long in groups and forums about the above but really there is ONLY ONE thing you should care about”

Ultimately It’s All About R.O.A.S – 

Return On Ad Spend

Return OASpend

Money in – Money Out 

Put $1 into the advertising machine and get back 3 -5 X –  I’ll take that all day along.

If you get tangled up in trying to look at all the individual figures, not only will you drive yourself crazy with frustration you’ll most likely not become profitable.

Super Affiliate Marketing Is Hands Down One of The Best Business Models Ever Created

(If Your Looking For Low Stress + High Reward)

Look – I have the ultimate respect for the Modern Day Business Icons of Our Era.

Elon Musk takes arrows in the back for us every day trying to evolve our society.

Steve Jobs maybe even worked himself to an early grave to bring us into a new era of technology. 

Bill Gates arguably kick started the digital revolution.

But man… many of these guys have been through life the HARD Way. 

Nervous breakdowns, sleepless nights, in some case losing touch with their families

What Other Business In the World Can
Give You Ultimate Freedom?

  • Freedom – work from anywhere
  • No Product Fulfillment 
  • No Post Purchase / customer support.
  • ​Set and Forget 
  • ​Consistent and Stable
  • ​Massive Opportunity To Scale



“The Ultimate Super Affiliate Mastery 2020 Membership Club

Our Tried and Tested Blueprint Inside Your Private Members Area

Consider this the ULTIMATE Short Cut to all the "missing answers" you've had until now..

  • Top Converting Products?  –  We get asked all the time "Are the best products on Clickbank, JV Zoo or other CPA offers" – What industries- Weight Loss / Skin Care / Crafts / Renewal Energy – we will reveal all.
  • Setting Up Your "Money Site"  Most people get their ad accounts banned by not doing this ONE thing – we will show you the correct way.
  • Paid Traffic the RIGHT way –  There so many "bad teaching" practices currently out there. I have spent over $10 Million on FB, Media buys , Email Marketing – We will show you exactly how to set this up.
  • ​Targeting – Ever get annoyed because people show you the winning ad without the targeting?
  • Creatives & Images – One of the most important parts of any campaign  – we will show you tiny differences that make 300%+ increases
  • Retargeting – This is a MEGA profit well but if you do it wrong it provides horrible R.O.I.
  • ​Toll Gate Method  – Want to find out how to get paid 7 times from 1 lead? Here it is on a plate
  • Getting 300 – 500% ROAS – Remember its all about "money in.. Money " out – we will show you how to get amazing returns.
  • Scaling Like A Boss – One of the challenges many people have is scaling their campaigns. Either their ROAS dips massively or their accounts get shut down. 
  • Back End Magic   – One you've established a relationship with the vendor you are promoting, you can get a piece of the backend and sometimes even get them to "prefund" your campaign promoting their offer!
  • ​And a TON more… but we will talk to you about that inside the membership site.

If Your Sick Of Throwing Your Hard Earned Money Into The Burning Flames Of Advertising Then Join  Today AT Our Rock Bottom

New Year 2020 Pricing

Before You Join Please Under The Immense Value You Are Receiving

Our Yacht Mastermind was $25,000 per person (Sold Out)

Our Recent Super Affiliate Workshop was $15,000 Per Person. (Sold Out in 3 Days!)

For years people have asked us for a training more suited to them . As badly as they wanted to join it was just out of reach or not suitable at the time

That's why we created the Super Affiliate Mastery Membership site – 

Join Super Affiliate Mastery Today For Rock Bottom Pricing – 

Get in For Just $497  – $297

Use Coupon Code 'YEAR2020' to save $200.

Join Super Affiliate Mastery Today – Instant AccessRebills at $297/Month – Cancel at any time

Then simply stay as long as you are getting value.

Your membership will rebill every 30 days.

No Contract – no tie in – simply keep getting value and leave when you want.

Who is The Super Affiliate Mastery Membership Site for?

There are several type of people that this can apply to..

Are you looking for a change?

Existing offline business  owner – But want freedom of an online super affiliate business?

Software business – But are tired of maintaining the program, headaches & customer support.

Corporate Rat Race  – You want to work "on your own" time and take charge of your life and work on your own schedule.

These are just some examples of the type of clients we have worked with.

Want to be the next super affiliate?

Get The Ultimate Super Affiliate Mastery 2020 – Peter Parks & Andrew Fox , Only Price $57

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