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We Literally Discovered How to Make a LIVE TRAINING, “Virtual”

If anyone can help you with dating, relationships, breakups, divorce, and reinvention as a man, we can. I’m Dr. Paul, and Men’s Psychology has helped thousands of men, LIVE, in their cities around the world – directly assisting them in their style, communication and understanding of women they date, WHILE they are IN THEIR SOCIAL HABITAT, OUT ON THE TOWN.

Here’s coverage from the past year, as Men’s Health Magazine followed us for 24 hours in New York City on a men’s training:

If we can do that live, and record all the lessons, all the teachings and all the skills into the massive disc program called the Omega Male Program – fit for your OWN use, under your OWN guidance, at your OWN pace, in your OWN town, then there may not be a need to come and train with us in person.

Especially when you add the VIRTUAL DATING COACH (A Literal Dating and Attraction Bootcamp) Audio Program to it – when you buy this incredible program BY ITSELF, for $497, it will transform your life.

HOWEVER, there is another option at the bottom of this page – we will give you this program for FREE when you get the Omega Male Program!

There is a story behind this.

I was literally stuck with the flood of clients for live training, and I knew there was something that could be made uniform and reliable about our teaching method for live dating training events. I also knew that our programs are far more than just initial attraction. In fact, the Omega is very literally a Courtship System explaining the entire breadth of the human courtship process.

That doesn’t just mean getting great dates. It means a girlfriend or girlfriends too, and it means eventually screening for a WIFE – one just right for you – if you so desire. Out of all those dates can emerge just the right woman for you for the long term. Our Omega program accounts for that too, as do live trainings. They help you start thinking early on “how far things can go” with any woman – even one you’ve just met.

Well, I further was thinking that with all the “dating trainings” out there that aren’t based in science, but just opinion alone, it sure would be nice to just offer men something free that’s better than all that.

So I started working on an “Intro Program” for the Omega that “preps” you for going out socially successfully.

As you may guess, if you know me, I can’t help but OVERDELIVER when it comes to technology and science.

It was at first, called the Do It Yourself Dating and Attraction Program, and it wasn’t “intro” at all. It was more like a “practical applications module” for the Omega – something that takes the principles of the Omega and sends you out on the town, accurately empowered to use what you learned in “class.”

I tweaked it and refined it, and realized what it was morphing into. I started referring my coaches to it too, for “brush up” work on HOW TO TEACH men the science of courtship, applied in PRACTICAL SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTS.

I realized that it HAD to be a stand alone training all its own, and added one last touch:

It needed to LITERALLY function as a coach, even though it was on an iPod. Now, the Omega outdoes any other “method” of teaching dating and relationships, but is also geared toward “what to do right.”

What we do at live events is truly “coaching” in the sense that at first, many guys will “do things wrong” and hold onto old, bad habits with women that hold them back.

For this audio program to do what I thought it could accomplish, it had to ALSO show a guy all possibilities of what could go WRONG with attracting a woman or having a date, THEN steer it toward what WORKS.

I did just that. We developed an “algorithm” in our proprietary method that encompasses all possible troubleshooting of obstacles and erroneous romantic skills, conversational skills, body language – all of it, even friendship choice or “wingmen” – and literally in audio form, sets you straight with the lessons – LIVE, while you have your iPod with you out on the town.

It then really DID operate literally like a coach. Not a “lecture.” Not a “training,” but close to an “Artificial Intelligence” level COACH by your side, in electronic, audio form.

Now it is called (and IS), the Virtual Dating Coach by mp3 or iPod.

In the program that is to follow you will find several things in your downloaded package: The Part I Workbook, the over four hours of audio instruction on how to prepare yourself and your friends to conduct your own “Dating Bootcamp” with a special educational and entertaining twist: A literal Dating and Attraction Self-Training that you can easily learn to hold for yourself and your friends in your hometown (“Getting Ready” is Part I), as well as the exact equivalent of a Attraction, Relationship and Dating Coach “in your pocket” – literally stored on your IPOD or MP3 Player, and at the ready.

You will also find enclosed, a collection of some of the best articles for men written by Dr. Paul on the subjects of screening women for fit to your life, testing them, assessing, measuring and filtering out the ones that won’t work for you, leaving ONLY the “keepers” whom you can also learn to amp up the attraction with in the first place.

A Literally Live, Virtual Dating Coach by iPod – Goes With You Everywhere You Go, Guiding, Every Step of Attraction With Women…



Get The Virtual Dating Coach Audio Program – Dr Paul Dobransky, Only Price 83$

What you’ll find is that essentially all that you would otherwise learn from other seminars costing many thousands of dollars is inexpensive compared to a live training from Mens Psychology, and yet can be used again and again – every week if you like – in the comfort of your own town! This starter program takes some of the best elements of the first two hours of the Omega Male Program, turning you loose, out on the town, and into ACTION!

If you’ve ever had problems with:

  • getting exactly the woman you want in your life
  • approaching women in the first place
  • knowing what to say or do once you do make contact
  • learning permanent, positive lessons from past failed dates and relationships
  • adjusting what you do, in real-time, as conditions change in an interaction, but still being authentic and real
  • trouble understanding where a specific woman, or women in general are coming from
  • knowing what they really want, if they find it in you, or not (and if not, how to move on quickly)
  • why women do what they do in dating and attraction, and very likely what they are likely to do in the future
  • what to do RIGHT with women, but just as importantly…

…how to spot what you’ve been doing WRONG, and correct it.

…then this is a powerful jump-start, a jolt of lightning to your social life – only at Men’s Psychology Magazine.

Best of all, it’s purposely designed to be shared with friends – a source of bonding and discussion, learning and growth – not unlike a rolling “Mastermind Group” about women and attraction, live, and out in the social venues where its methods cause real impact!

What You’ll Get in Part I What You’ll Get in Part II

Your Virtual Dating Coach Part I workbook, filled with materials to help you get started in Attraction includes he following:

  • Getting to Know Your Psychology and How It Will Appear to Women
  •  Screening and Testing Women
  •  Personal Growth

OVER 4 hours of audio instruction at setting up and preparing for your own personal Men’s Attraction and Dating Bootcamp for yourself, and your friends, in your own town FREE
Free Subscription to our email list where you will receive weekly updates from Dr Paul as well as special offers and promotions and coupons.

Your Virtual Dating Coach Part II workbook  divided into the steps of Basic Attraction which can be used in ANY social venue, day or night

PLUS the FOUR LEARNING AREAS which troubleshoot any and every area you are in need of skill-building at.


Audio produced in an MP3 player/IPOD-friendly format will have you taking lesson after lesson, LIVE, whether you socialize for an hour, four hours, alone or with friends the steps always progress the same. (A Free Dating Coach by IPOD.)

The Special AUDIO Module on Identifying Women’s Character and Personality while also learning body language.

Two Special AUDIO Modules on:

  1. Understanding Male and Female Instincts and
  2. Establishing Physical Intimacy

Get The Virtual Dating Coach Audio Program – Dr Paul Dobransky, Only Price 83$

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