Traffic Blackbook 2.0: Business Class – Chad Hamzeh &


Traffic BlackBook 2 – Business Class is the most respected training program for paid traffic generation online.



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raffic BlackBook 2 – Business Class is the most respected training program for paid traffic generation online.

Why pay for traffic? Because it’s instant, it’s targeted and it’s almost infinitely scalable.

Whether you run an ecommerce store, you’re an info-marketer or a service provider — Traffic BlackBook 2.0 will show you how to ramp up your leads, sales and profits by generating massive traffic.

Now, for the first time, the team at  has gathered together the leaders in paid traffic generation to create a unique video course. One that walks you every step of the way to paid traffic success.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a total newcomer to paying for traffic or a traffic generation veteran… you’re guaranteed to discover closely guarded tips, strategies and techniques to boost your bottom line.

You’ll learn from…

Chad Hamzeh – The man behind the original bestselling Traffic BlackBook program.
After driving hundreds of thousands of clicks as an affiliate Chad now focuses on his own offers and works as a hired gun for marketers looking to explode their business.

Mike Colella (AdBeat) – Mike’s knowledge of paid traffic and online marketing rocketed him from a burnt out corporate engineer in search of time, money and freedom (and $100,000.00 in DEBT)…to $2.2 MILLION dollars in affiliate commissions within a YEAR!

Peter Nguyen (Advertiser360) – currently the CEO of Brand Ingenuity and creator of Advertiser360. He’s started nine businesses over the past decade as an entrepreneur.

Julian Farley (Zaragoza Marketing) – Julian was behind the implementation of Google and Facebook’s traffic and re-targeting.
Now he heads up Zaragoza Marketing specializing exclusively in bringing website visitors back to products they are interested in with bleeding edge behavioral audience targeting.

Nana-Gilbert Baffoe (Tracking 202) – Nana started his first online business at the age of 16. Since then he’s built Tracking 202 into the web’s premier PPC affiliate tracking service.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside Traffic Blackbook 2 – Business Class…

Paid Traffic Pioneer (Chad Hamzeh)

You’ll transition smoothly into the exciting (and lucrative) world of paid traffic.

Discover the type of mindset you need to succeed… why there are only 4 real outcomes to any campaign (and how to guarantee the most profitable result)… plus we lift the lid Chad’s most profitable sites and campaigns in his private case studies.

The Sales Vaccum (Chad Hamzeh)

Find out…

The major differences between paid, organic and warm traffic. Which gets you sales fastest and which is easier to scale… LIVE case studies… the 7 most effective offers that work best on paid traffic… and ‘deep-dive’ into a live campaign to discover how to find buried treasure in the back-end.

Strategic Planning And Digging For Gold (Mike Colella)

Get a complete breakdown of the major traffic sources… how to lazer-in on your customer demographic… and how to watch your competitors like a hawk to gather lucrative intel…

Ad Creatives And Landing Pages (Mike Colella and Chad Hamzeh)

Find out what makes a successful banner ad… uncover the deep psychology behind high-converting land pages… and case studies of LIVE landing pages you can cut and paste for your own business.

Tracking And Optimization (Nana-Gilbert Baffoe)

Let Nana guide you through a complete walkthrough of how to set-up a successful tracking campaign… learn how to split-test ads…. And discover how to tweak your webpage for maximum ROI.

Driving Massive Traffic (Chad Hamzeh)

Includes: Media Buying, Display Advertising With Large Networks, Google Display Advertising And Facebook Advertising.

You’ll find out Chad’s Brute Force Strategy… how to launch a seven-figure campaign… the truth about self-serve networks… the huge profit potential in display advertising… little known pricing and bidding strategies….

Plus an entire section on Facebook marketing. There is more in this module than we can fit on this entire page.

ROI with Retargeting (Julian Farley)

Find out how retargeting works… how to plan and begin your very first retargeting campaign… the best (and worst) ad creative you can use… and the key metrics to get the most bang for your buck.

And all of that is just scratching the surface of this mammoth course.

PLUS: We’ve got bonus training from experts in their fields. Now you’ll find out how to drive FREE traffic and create winning offers that convert…

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