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I have to tell you something:

I love to turn shit into gold. And I'm quite good at it.

I can take any seemingly bad, negative, unfortunate, painful, or upsetting situation and intentionally use it to create great impact, lasting influence, more love and support in every area of my life, and a big chunk of cash while I am at it.

When I initially recorded the original module of Turning Shit Into Gold, I had experienced some very annoying, borderline hateful, nonsense on the internet. An old friend had decided he had had it with personal development and created a series of very mean vlogs about me. He got a bit of momentum from supposed colleagues (none of whom have businesses today) and the entire thing was, well, shit.

I created the first module of this training to share my process for processing, forgiving, and releasing any situation, and transforming it into something beautiful (and if you so desire) profitable.

Recently, this ninety-minute training module has been on my heart.

I knew I was meant to add to it – expanding on the concepts and explaining how to transform the shit in absolutely any area of your life into pure gold.

We are talking love. We are talking business. We are talking money.

I am adding two NEW modules. (Module descriptions below.) Whomever enrolls in this training will have instant access to the first module and will have the opportunity to come live to the second two modules (as well as have lifetime access and any future updates to this program).

Let’s do this!

The feedback : 

"So validating and helpful and insightful and motivating!" – Marie Alexis

"This was incredible." – Rebecca Adams

"I literally JUST watched this entire training over the weekend and it was SO GOOD Amanda!  I’m so excited for the new modules. I literally cannot even imagine how it can get even better!! You’re the best!" – Katie Rollins

"First module is really good. I have listened to it a couple of times, and it helped me last summer working through some tough times. Cannot wait for the two new ones! Will definitely try to join the live sessions, even if I live in Sweden." – Marika Torsdotter

"I now see how I get to receive money and prosperity through everything I do. And that more love and prosperity is returned to me the more I share my heart. Creating good things from my heart allows more and more good things to come my way. I get it." – Arwen McLaughlin

"This was WAY MORE than I expected. I didn't know I had anything to move on from but I feel like I have moved on to the next level! This training spoke to me so much. I'm really glad I signed up for this." – Rosa Lee

"I am so grateful to of jumped on this opportunity! I now have an overwhelming sense that I've got this. I felt so many shifts from the beginning of the training on. Thank you." – Kimberely Hamilton


The content : 

Module One: (The original module.) Includes my unique process for forgiving + releasing others, processing the pain, and neutralizing the energy of any situation. How and when to share about your experiences in ways that are helpful for others and healing for you (without being one of those people who selfishly dumps their shit all over the internet and calls it vulnerability). Realigning your intention to love and serve amidst chaos. Using it all to contribute to the healing of all, always. Positioning yourself as an expert and leader intentionally no matter what is occurring around you or what people think and say about you. And, obviously, how to turn anything and everything into cash money. Every time.

Module Two: Let’s expand on the above. There is the potential for shit in every area of business, but very rarely do I experience it in mine. In my company, we don’t play by internet marketing rules or feel adversely effected by the bullshit of the coaching industry. We stand above it all. Intentionally. We stand for integrity, profitability, and love. I own, run, and lead a company that feels good, experiences massive flow, makes more money all the time, and is a fun place to work – for me and for everyone who supports me. There is so much opportunity for shit inside of starting and growing a business, creating an online presence, becoming visible, having your work copied over and over again, etc. I have turned it all into gold. All. Of. it. I live – and work – at a standard of gold. My bank account, the quality of my life, and my internal happiness reflects this.

This isn’t just about doing things my way. This is about understanding the energy and mindset that creates this kind of life, environment, and financial overflow and making it your own.

Module Three: Let’s talk about love, baby. I haven’t done this before and you have been asking for it for forever. What does it mean to finally allow in everything you want in love, dating, and relationships? Let’s look at how you show up in this area and what it creates for you. Let’s identify patterns, observe the pain, acknowledge our part, see where we have work to do, and allow ourselves to let more love in. This applies whether you are currently single or committed. And whether you are currently seeking a relationship or not. This is about healing, accepting, growing, and letting love in.

I am going to tell my story – a story that I’ve never told before – of how I absolutely destroyed a relationship with my unhealed open, gaping wounds and unprocessed pain, how I got to the root of it, moved through it all, called back in the love of my life, and now I am, finally, receiving more love, affection, romance, adoration than ever before… in increasing amounts all of the time.

I am happy to share everything that I have learned about love and men. (This applies whether traditional gender roles apply to your relationship or not.) This will be a full, incredible life-changing module. Let’s dig in!

Modules Two & Three will be recorded live with you! You have lifetime access and any future updates to all content.

I can't wait for you to experience the inspiration, intention and insight of this content and container.

How it work : 

Upon enrollment, you will receive instant access to the original module of this training.

Module two and three will be hosted live in a private Facebook group. (Note: Offers of this price point do not typically include FB groups. The purpose of this group is to record the modules live. Amanda will not be coaching inside of the group.)

You will have unlimited replays, lifetime access, and all future updates.

Upon enrollment, you will be prompted to set up a username and password (or login if you already have one from another one of my courses or bundles).

After this, head over to to login to your exclusive site to access your content.

The information, concepts, and inspiration that came through were greater than I could have imagined.

Not to mention the transformational and healing energy, that can be felt throughout the training.

I am overjoyed to add to this program and build it out into the newest classic AF program.

It is such an honor to teach this content and do this work.

And I can not wait to see what you do with this content, process, and energy in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.


Are you ready 

Receive instant access to:

The original module including my five step process for Turning Shit into Gold.

Plus homework + affirmations to support you in integrating the concepts.

Then receive access to the *brand new* module two and module three.

Plus homework + affirmations to support you going deeper with the newly added concepts.

After clicking on the big button below, and submitting your order, you will be prompted to create your username and password (or login if you already have one). You can get started on module one right away!

I can't wait for you to get your hands on, your mind wrapped around, and your energy calibrated to this content, energy, and information.

Refund Policy: If after reviewing your course content, you feel this is not for you, please email us at within 48 hours of your purchase and we will issue you a refund.

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can share my personal practices around healing my wounds, shifting my internal state and mindset, choosing new ways of thinking and being, and designing my life and relationships while growing my business. This training series contains practices and principles that have worked for me as well as hundreds of Amanda Frances Inc graduates and clients. I believe in this work and these concepts deeply. However, I can not guarantee results or increased income. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students.

TSIG Alumni: As an alumni of this program, you receive lifetime access to all content and all future updates to the program. Meaning, module two and module three, along with journal prompts, homework and affirmations for each, will be added to your members' area automatically within two weeks of the new recordings. (We just need a bit of time to edit each video.) However, if you would like to come live to the two new modules and be in the excitement and energy of the new group, please email for your special link to upgrade to the new Facebook group where the live modules will be held and recorded.

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