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You’ve learned to master the skills of Transformational Leadership and Coaching. Now it’s time to radically transform both yourself and your business from the inside out!


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You’ve learned to master the skills of Transformational Leadership and Coaching. Now it’s time to radically transform both yourself and your business from the inside out!


There has never been a more exciting moment for you in your training path with Christopher Howard!

A word from Chris Howard…

I am so excited for you!  The one training that I was bursting with unbridled anticipation for, more than anything else, was the first training that I did that would transform me into the transformational speaker that I am today.

As you take this monumental step, you will find that you have the unprecedented opportunity to transform everything that you are doing within your business and – yes – even your entire life!

You are about to embark upon a transformational journey that is all about EXPANSION!

  • Expand the reach of your brand
  • Expand the amount of money you are making
  • Expand the value you deliver to the world
  • Expand the power of your influence
  • Expand your leadership abilities
  • Expand the power of your team
  • Expand the abilities and horizons of the multitudes of people who hear you speak

The Transformational Speaker Certification Training is the single most powerful of all of the trainings you have done with us to date.

In this dynamic program we will install 40 behaviors of the most outstanding speakers on the planet so that you find yourself doing those behaviors without conscious thought!

This will blow you away!

You will learn:

  • How to read an audience like a book
  • How to create instant rapport with groups from 10-10,000
  • How to use your language to take an audience on a rollercoaster ride of imagination
  • How to master your use of stories and metaphors to create behavioral changes within audiences
  • How to sell from a platform
  • How to manage the responsiveness of your audience
  • How to electrify an audience and hold them in the palm of your hand
  • How to structure your presentations for the most impact
  • How to design trainings that kick ass and deliver massive value
  • How to work the stage like a pro
  • How to be a spell-binding seminar leader who captivates your audiences
  • The Business of Training and Speaking
  • The Marketing of a Training and Speaking Business
  • And much, much more!!

Once I was personally certified at this level of training I took the first REALLY BIG leap financially of my entire career path.  I had made only $12,000 the entire year the year before, and once I achieved THIS level of certification I made $70,000 in a week by using the skills that you will learn in this training.  It then went on to make me millions!!

The investment in this training is $6,000 in the live training environment, and worth 10 times that.

Think about this…

If you wanted to run seminars after attending this particular training, most 1 week seminars that I’ve seen in the marketplace range in price anywhere from $2,000-$4,000.   So let’s say that you took the skills you learned here and began teaching seminars on any topic (by the way, in this training you will design 2 seminars of your own)…

If you were to charge $3,000 for your 1 week seminar and you wanted to make $100,000 a year teaching what you love, how many people would you need to attend your 1 week seminar to make that $100,000?

The answer is 34. That’s only 2.8 people a month!  It’s finding that 0.8 of a person that will be the hardest part!

So the cool part is that if you are doing your job correctly the first 3 people that you bring in should then grow, because if you deliver massive value, as you’ll learn how to do in this course, these people should turn into raving fans who go out and tell everyone they know…

This is where you have the incredible opportunity to claim the future of your dreams!

So I made $70,000 in a week with a partner after learning this…

The investment is $6,000 normally

But here as we are doing it in the virtual world without the expenses associated with the live trainings…

You can dive into this most important level of training for only $1,997

ONLY $1,997.00

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