Transformative Approach to Couples Therapy in Action - Esther Perel

Transformative Approach to Couples Therapy in Action – Esther Perel


Enroll Transformative Approach to Couples Therapy in Action – Esther Perel course at Wisvalue. Couples therapists today must not only guide clients to better emotional and sexual connections in the face of deep-rooted problems such as infidelity, trauma, shame, and addictions, but they must also adapt to rapidly changing cultural norms that may even make them personally uncomfortable.  Price: $53.

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You have one of the maximum tough jobs withinside the area of remedy.

Couples therapists nowadays have to now no longer most effective manual customers to higher emotional and sexual connections withinside the face of deep-rooted troubles along with infidelity, trauma, shame, and addictions, however they have to additionally adapt to unexpectedly converting cultural norms which could even lead them to in my view uncomfortable.

Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author, Esther Perel, flourishes on demanding situations like these. Her medical creativity and cappotential to set up a secure and energizing healing surroundings in which companions can communicate approximately anything has turn out to be an thought to therapists across the world. As such, she’s turn out to be now no longer most effective some thing of a couples remedy rock star, however additionally a crossover phenom featured in courses like The New York Times, Vogue, The Economist and The Atlantic—and she’s been praised as “a grasp at what she does” by The New Yorker. Her latest podcast series, “Where Should We Begin?,” set down load records, achieving the pinnacle of the iTunes charts. Her bestselling books, Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs, had been translated into dozens of languages, and her precise technique is remodeling the area.

Now on this complete Master Class, you’ve got got the danger to enjoy Esther Perel in action. You’ll get an inner know-how of her transformative technique as she shares— therapist to therapist —the manner underlying her medical picks as she works with 3 couples handling infidelity, seeming sexual incompatibility, and the effect of youth trauma. Sit in on an in-intensity communique approximately every session, with thought-upsetting questions from Networker Editor, Rich Simon, with a purpose to get to the coronary heart of her techniques, so that you can discover ways to put into effect them into your technique.

Best of all, you may entire this on line route with concrete, realistic gear that you could start the use of together along with your very own customers proper away to assist them locate wish and pleasure of their relationships.
This is your danger to convey new creativity and readability for your couples work, and beautify your effectiveness with even your maximum tough cases.

What’s Included:

Learn powerful new ways to help couples reconnect!
Get instant access to Esther Perel’s in-depth clinical analysis as she and Networker Editor Rich Simon take a deep dive into real-life couples sessions recorded for her podcast where you’ll discover tools and insight that make this Master Class essential to transforming your couples therapy results.

Through this engaging course, you’ll learn:

  • The secrets to pacing that lie behind the seemingly effortless flow of Esther Perel’s sessions
  • Powerful practices for creating a space so safe that partners can talk about anything
  • A masterful intervention that reveals a couple’s relational triggers, hidden dynamics and power imbalances so you can work with them directly and immediately in session
  • A simple technique to unlock the intimate meaning behind a partner’s statements
  • How to combine intrapersonal with interpersonal work in a couples session to accelerate long-term healing for both partners
  • Strategies to coach partner in reinforcing new behaviors so they can help each other strengthen their renewed connection after the session ends

Esther will guide you through these four modules to fully prepare you to incorporate her approach in your practice.


Introduction to Esther Perel’s Couples Therapy Approach

In the Introductory Session of this Master Class, Esther offers her latest insight into the changing narratives of couples today. She explores the cultural forces that have changed marriage in our society, and explains how therapists can address the new consumer mindset most couples bring into therapy, prioritizing individual happiness and self-fulfillment above other relationship concerns.


Speak to Me in French

In this session, meet a husband and wife who have been married for 16 years and believe that they are sexually incompatible. Discover how Esther’s unique approach helps them leave the session understanding their individual histories, including past abuse and trauma. Learn creative strategies to help couples call each other back to a new place of sexual and emotional intimacy.


The Perfect Marriage

The couple in this session have been happily married for 40 years. He’s been an attentive father and a loving husband. They’ve had a vibrant sex life, good marriage, and a fulfilling family life—until the wife discovered her husband had been compulsively unfaithful with one-night stands and pay-for-play sex throughout their entire marriage. She’s chosen to remain in the marriage but is hurt, angry, confused and shamed by friends and her children for staying. Experience how Esther quickly identifies the real pain points, helping the couple regain trust. Learn strategies that will enhance your own ability to help your clients heal from infidelity.


Trauma and the Roots of Infidelity

Seeking Esther’s guidance on how to create a space of safety for physical intimacy, the couple in this session are gay men who have been together for 14 years, but were just recently married. One of the partners has a history of PTSD and substance abuse, and it’s recently been discovered that he’s had multiple affairs. Experience how Esther helps the couple to better understand the trauma and its triggers, and how she creatively guides the couple towards a fuller, more open relationship.

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