VA Mastery Training Course

VA Mastery Training Course


Available course VA Mastery Training Course – This course will SAVE you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS and HOURS. I will be giving you ALL of the shortcuts to hiring and building the BEST, most EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT team of Virtual Assistants in order for you to scale and automate your business. – Price:$65

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VA Mastery Training Course course is available you will get instantly after payment only $497 $65.

Power of Virtual Assistants

The screenshot to the left is of my store and it would not be possible to do these numbers and continue to grow without the team I have built.

Virtual Assistants are EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL if you are wanting to scale or completely automate your business to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I have spent THOUSANDS of HOURS and THOUSANDS of DOLLARS learning the best ways to not only hire but train my team in order to save me time not only in the hiring process, but in the training processes as well. That is what this course entails.

This course will SAVE you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS and HOURS. I will be giving you ALL of the shortcuts to hiring and building the BEST, most EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT team of Virtual Assistants in order for you to scale and automate your business. This will essentially turn your business into a money printing machine once you execute on all of my teachings in this course.

Example Curriculum

Getting Started

  • Where To Find and Hire Your First VA(7:49)
  • Overview of Job Template Post(5:37)
  • Hiring Strategy(11:37)

Security and Privacy Concerns

  • How To Hire and On-Boarding Safely(8:17)

Training and Best Practices

  • How I Train My VA’s(13:09)

Payroll Structure and Payment Gateway

  • When I Pay My VA’s and HOW I Pay Them(9:27)

Advanced Training And Team Building

  • When To Hire More VA’s(6:05)
  • How I Manage My Team(12:31)
  • When To Create Manager Positions(15:58)
  • Amazon Dropshipping VA Positions(4:45)
  • VA’s Around The Clock(6:36)
  • How To Outsource Hiring More VA’s(9:39)
  • Importance of Daily Team Meetings(5:39)
  • Importance of Hierarchy Within Your Team(8:19)
  • Once You Have A Manager In Each Pillar of Business(6:10)
  • How To Vet & Hire Customer Service VA’s(6:35)

Closing Module

  • Thank You(2:09)

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Original Price : $497 – Wisvalus Price: $65

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