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What has changed?

On December 4th, 2015 the newest version of John Assaraf´s Brain-A-Thon, the 4th annual Brain-A-Thon, has premiered. As I have already reviewed the full program I will focus on the changes.  Please read the full review HERE.


The whole product portal has been reworked. Minor bugs have been removed and the product access portal is faster and more clearly arranged.

Definitely a good change.

Winning the Game of Money VIP Community

The first change is that NeuroGym has added additional staff to the VIP community. Questions are being answered in record speed and the community manager adds content nearly every day. That is definitely great.

Leading Neuroscientist Mark Waldman and John Assaraf are very active in the community, answering questions and adding content. The hourly rate of Mark Waldman is $370, John Assaraf does not offer 1:1 coaching. Within the VIP community, both offer their support without additional cost.

The access to the VIP community and VIP support has been shortened to 6 months. Please note that that does neither change the lifetime access to your product nor your ability to use the regular phone and email support.

Long-Term Success Stories

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to observe the success or struggles of people for over 6 months. 

I take into account my own personal experience, the experience of my clients and what I have read within the VIP community. 

My clients naturally are very open and honest and gave me unfiltered feedback. The success quote is probably 98/100 and that is pretty insane. 

The success stories I have seen and heard included

  • People until their necks in debt who were able to get out of their misery
  • Already successful people who were able to further increase their income
  • People who were held back by their low self-esteem have grown and reached for the stars
  • Some founded businesses, some had struggling businesses – many reported how they turned things around

The main focus of Winning the Game of Money is obviously career success. But many people used it to break free from their old lives that made them unhappy or even to take a temporary step down on the career ladder and risk to go after what they really wanted in life. From divorce to a board member position or even weight-loss. The success stories were as different as life. 

A story that touched my heart was an over 80-year-old Lady that started a new business. I was so impressed by how she with over 80 years is still more willing to learn and grow than many 20-year-olds. Needless to say, that with this attitude the Lady´s new business was successful within just 2 months. 

What the program did for me is that it enabled me to overcome what was holding me back. Because I am from Germany and my English is far from perfect I was very insecure about offering my coaching and training service. 

I started in April 2015. I now have a blog with a nice amount of loyal and new readers, over 800 people were digging what I was saying and joined my newsletter list. My coaching business is doing great and the most exciting thing is that I am now working with a legend of sales training. Oh, and I have been asked to contribute articles to a leading success site. 

Not too shabby for half a year. 

NeuroGym Support

At times, NeuroGym had a pretty long response time. The incredible success of the program led to a higher than expected amount of requests.

Meanwhile, the support time is back to great. With the new manpower I do not expect any issues for 2016.

Final Verdict

It is and was in my opinion and experience on of the two best programs on the market. The value was incredible and adding additional bonuses made the offer even more enticing. 

The bottleneck was the support for a short while. Now that this is solved I do not have any criticism.

Usually, I would say: If you are serious about your success sign up HERE. The brain retraining component of the program is so strong that I will say: Even if you are not serious. You will be once you start. 

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