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Most of us spend our lives looking outside ourselves for answers and for validation – and we somehow believe that we’re not even worthy of success. That’s all about to change. In this module you’ll get clear on what success is for you live with power and certainty of who you are and what your contribution is to the world.


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Are you ready to live the profoundly joyful and truly successful life you were born to live?

A life that is not only abundant, but deeply meaningful and satisfying to your soul?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then join me beginning Tuesday, September 29th for…

Yes To Success 2020 Success in Our New World


I have been offering this course around the world since the 1980's. It has been the catalyst for tens of thousands of people from over 100 countries to live extraordinary lives.

And now you can experience Yes to Success via online-video from the comfort of your own home!

This is the same seminar that icons like Marci Shimoff (Chicken Soup/Happy for No Reason)Janet Attwood (The Passion Test)Phil Town (Rule #1)Steve Farber (Extreme Leadership), and even Jeffrey Smith, the world’s foremost authority on GMO’s attended not just once, but numerous times, to gain the knowledge and tools to create their legendary success.

And now it's YOUR turn!

I am now offering this step-by-step system for achieving your dreams beginning September 29th! This course also includes live recorded BONUS sessions with Founder of Ancestral Clearing John Newton, and Vastu Masters Michael and Robin Mastro, Harvard-trained expert on aging, Ronnie Newman, and more!!

Now is the time for you to live a life of effortless success. One indispensable key to manifesting your dreams is to learn how to harness the Universal flow…

When you say YES to Success you will…

  • Harness the infinite power of your mind to manifest abundant outer success based on immoveable inner silence
  • Discover how to live aligned with your truth at every moment – the surest way to generate self-love
  • Heal the wounds in your heart that are blocking you so that you can enjoy the deep friendships and love you desire
  • Put fear in its place so it no longer plays a dominant role in your life and you can move ahead with confidence
  • Rewire your brain for success so you become a magnet for good instead of pushing it away
  • Create a clear vision of what true success looks like for you so that you can live it every day of your life
  • Learn how to tap into and  follow the voice of your intuition which will always lead you to true happiness
  • Join an international community that is dedicated to making a real difference for the future of our planet

All this and so much more is waiting for you when you say YES! to Success

The program includes all the content that Debra has offered in her LIVE Yes to Success Seminars for the last 40 years – the same seminar that thousands have paid up to $1000 to attend – plus hours of new content to help you navigate the unique world in which we now live.

This is the program that some of the most renowned transformational leaders in the world say was the key to their legendary success.


Who should take advantage of this life-changing experience? 

If you are tired of doing all the right things and even experiencing what looks like success but you have a gnawing emptiness inside and you're no longer willing to live with it.

If you are ready to stop listening to those people on the outside who have no idea what you're capable of and that inner voice that gives you all the reasons you won’t succeed.

If you don’t want to waste another day of your precious life being less than you were born to be and you're ready to use the tools and create the mindset to take you to the top of the mountain.

If you know that this time-tested, proven system that has brought unprecedented business and personal success to thousands is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Get Yes to Success Seminar – Debra Poneman, Only Price $57

If you’re ready, we welcome you with open arms.

Join our Yes to Success Community of fearless achievers and world-changers and together,  let’s do this thing.

The Yes to Success program includes the following 10 modules (including 2 LIVE Zoom video sessions and 8 prerecorded live video sessions) plus 2 additional LIVE video Q&A sessions with laser coaching.

Module 1 (LIVE): ​Empowering Your Mind to Manifest Your Good​

Module 1 is a LIVE Zoom session with Debra

Most of us spend our lives looking outside ourselves for answers and for validation – and we somehow believe that we’re not even worthy of success. That’s all about to change. In this module you’ll get clear on what success is for you live with power and certainty of who you are and what your contribution is to the world.

Module 2: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Your Mind

Using tried and true manifestation techniques (verified by science) you'll gain the ability to create and un-create whatever you desire. You’ll also learn what you’re doing unconsciously that keeps your good away – and stop doing it. After this module you'll have the ability to live in a state of infinite choice, able to enjoy all possibilities life has to offer.

Module 3: The Role of Goals and the Power of Gratitude

In this module, Debra shares a powerful tool to access your own inner guidance and get clarity about what you were put on earth to do and be. You’ll then learn a unique system of setting goals (it’s fun!) and making plans from a place of alignment with your higher self, tapped into Universal Mind.
You’ll also learn Debra's technique for harnessing the power of gratitude to accelerate the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

Module 4: When to Hold On and When to Let Go: Learning to Tap into and Trust Your Intuition

One of the reasons our good doesn’t come to us is you hold on to long to what no longer serves you. During this module you’ll learn how to discern when you’re holding on from fear and when to let go to create space for your greater good. You’ll also learn techniques for tapping into your intuition and following it without fear.

Module 5: Creating Flow With Your Time and In Your Environment

Putting off getting yourself organized and de-cluttering your home and workspace is one of the most common ways we postpone our success and happiness. It doesn't have to be a dreaded chore.
Debra will show you how to make de-cluttering fun and easy and how to organize your space so that success can flow in your life. You’ll soon be accomplishing more in a day than you used to in a week so you can rapidly experience fulfillment of your dreams.

Module 6: The Magic of Healing Your Heart Space

Each one of us came into this life with what is called in the ancient Kabbalistic texts “tikkuns.” Tikkun literally means “repair,” and are those personal traits we came into this life needing to correct or repair. Debra will help you discover your tikkuns and support you in the process of "repairing" them so they don't have to keep showing up in your life and blocking you from success, happiness and love.
Debra will also share powerful techniques to open your heart and heal your heart to make way for loving relationships and more importantly, love of self.

Module 7: Opening the Floodgates of Abundance

Debra will show you infallible ways to stimulate the flow of abundance. You can have all the beautiful cars, luxury vacations (or peaceful retreats), money to play with (and more to give away) than you could ever imagine. It's not really difficult if you know the mechanics of creating from Source… And more importantly, you'll learn to live in a state of existence that if you lost it all tomorrow, it would hardly be a blip on the screen of your happiness and peace of mind. You might even say thank you to the universe…. You'll learn why and how…and you’ll hear Debra's own inspiring story.

Module 8: Creating Vibrant Health and Reversing the Aging Process

From her over 45 years of studying health and fitness, Debra will share life-changing knowledge and tools to ensure that you now live with radiant good health, a body you love, unlimited energy and a crystal clear mind. (Yep, say goodbye to, "What was I going to say?" and, "What did I come in this room for?”) And Debra makes everything from daily exercise to eating your vegetables to getting rid of brain fog fun and easy to implement into your daily routine. This module will completely change your life!

Module 9: YOU Have the Power to Change the World

We live in unprecedented times that are calling on us to fearlessly stand up for our beliefs. The world needs you now more than ever before. You are powerful beyond measure…. and you have the power to bring about world peace. And that is you, singular. Really. You do. In this module Debra will show you how. The world needs you – NOW.

Module 10 (LIVE): Living True Spirituality For Your Ultimate Life (And GRADUATION CELEBRATION!)

Module 10 is a LIVE Zoom session with Debra

In this module we will celebrate our transformations (Remember what Oprah says: "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”)
We will also discover that we are all on a spiritual path whether or not we choose to call it that. The role of a spiritual path is not to have isolated spiritual experiences or even to be happy. It is to live and to serve guided by the highest vibration of love at every moment. True happiness and success cannot be dependent on anything outside yourself. Learn how to create success and happiness from the inside out and experience the kind of inner silence that never goes away.

PLUS 2 additional LIVE Q&A Sessions


Two 90-minute LIVE video Q&A Sessions with Debra

October 10th and November 21st

In these interactive sessions on Zoom video, Debra will answer your questions live and provide laser coaching.

Master Mind Sessions

Live Zoom Meeting Small Group Master Mind Sessions

The purpose of the Mastermind Group is:

  • –To more firmly establish and augment your own lasting and profound happiness and success.
  • –To give unconditional support and encouragement to everyone else for their plans and aspirations so that we all rise together to create the lives of our dreams!

You receive access to all ten module recordings in video, audio and written class summaries through the entire year of 2020.


Get Yes to Success Seminar – Debra Poneman, Only Price $57

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