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This program it taught to you via an audio presentation with slides which is just under 30 minutes long. Gambler (Richard La Ruina) runs through the slides, and he also answers questions in comments below the course.

The title of the product is a little misleading, as it sounds like you will learn about all aspects of social domination. A better and more accurate title would have been "Simple Strategy for Expanding Your Social Circle around the Club Scene".

Insights into the Social Dynamics in Clubs and the High-end Club Scene

The strategy Gambler gives you in this product is based on the club scene. It explains how social dynamics in the club scene works and what you need to do to work your way up and expand your social circle into higher levels of the club scene. This means from the less exclusive to the more exclusive clubs and scene.

He quickly explains the importance of social circle to your lifestyle and its benefits over cold approaching, then he identifies the roles that women, promoters and other men in the club will play in the club and how to work with those roles and their situations to befriend people and build a social circle around them.

He doesn't give you an extensive explanation of their roles – instead he keeps it to what is important to focus on for his strategy to work. He lets you know what you have to avoid, and what you have to make sure happens to work towards your goals.

It's a simple and straight forward explanation and will keep you focused on the right things.

Simple and Effective Strategy

What I like about this program is that it is a very simple and straightforward strategy. Too often courses are made complex to substantiate the value they give to you – which paradoxically reduces their value to students because they are not easily implementable.

This is not the case for this course. Ruina keeps it very simple and walks you step by step through a basic strategy that he has used to build and expand his social circle around the club scene.

Who Will this Work for?

This course is most relevant to guys at an intermediate level who can already approach and attract women – in fact that is a requirement to make this strategy work. If you can't already approach, attract and bounce women around a venue then you will struggle to implement this strategy.

It is ideal for a guy who is getting some reasonable success with fairly attractive women and would like to leverage this to improve his overall lifestyle and get access to better club venues, higher quality women and start to work on learning how to leverage the social skills he has acquired to build more value in his life.

I recommend this product as the first stepping stone to moving from a cold approach based game to social circle game. It will get you comfortable with this more strategic approach to improving your dating and relationships lifestyle and open your eyes to wider possibilities.

Not Much Hand Holding for Implementation

Gambler gives you some lines and indications of what to see in some situations that come up as part of the implementation of the strategy – however overall there isn't much detail given to you. You are expected to be able to deal with the details yourself.

As noted above this is fine if you are at an intermediate stage – you should have basic social skills already and be able to do this comfortable. However, if you are the type of person who needs everything spelled out to you in terms of what you should say, how you should act etc. keep in mind this type of detail is not included in this product. If that is you, you should be looking at improving your social skills with other products before buying this one.

Current Offer's Billing and Other Included Products

This program is currently only sold as part of the Master Pickup University Coaching Club. You receive Social Domination with several other PUA Training courses when you sign up for the initial price of $4.95. If you stay on the program and do not cancel you will be billed $77 at the end of each month you remain. Check the Master Pickup University link above to see the other courses you will gain access to for that fee.

Not Comprehensive – What's Missing form a Full Social Circle Product

This product does not look at all of the social dynamics that take place and arise once you have built or are developing social circles. For this reason it is not an advanced product – and someone who has already built up a social circle and understands the high end club scene will probably be disappointed in it.

If you are looking to understand and master all of the dynamics of social circles and master your social life and the social circles you take part in or lead the best product on the market is Social Circle Mastery by Love Systems. Take note though – that product is only for the advanced.

The Bottomline

If you like the bar and club scene, this is a short course that is a great way to start off improving your lifestyle with social circle game once you already have some decent approaching and attracting women skills.

It's simplicity makes it easily implementable and effective.

The course is great value for money with PUA Training's current inexpensive offer.

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