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Beyond Flexibility is an effective mobility & flexibility system that helps you increase range of motion, get rid of pain and achieve your movement goals (such as splits and backbends) – with the least amount of time invested.

Can you relate to any of this? Are you..

  • A beginner wanting to improve your mobility and flexibility but you don’t know where to begin?
  • ​Frustrated with not seeing any progress in your general flexibility, backbends and splits even though you have been putting in the work for months or even years?
  • Discouraged that you cannot keep up with the teacher and others in your yoga (or a movement) class?
  • ​Tired of feeling pain in your hips, neck or spine that is preventing you from moving with ease and enjoying your life?
  • Stuck because you think you “could never do that” as you’re not naturally flexible?
  • ​Tired of not progressing in your sport (CrossFit, martial arts, dance, weight lifting, etc.) as you’re lacking the needed range of motion?

Contrary to what people say, you’re not doomed because of your genetics and it DOESN’T have to take you years to reach your goal.

The traditional “just stretch” approach is not so effective at best and can lead to unnecessary injuries at worst.. (I learnt this the hard way)

I have been on the “stretching and practicing yoga” bandwagon for years (I fell in love with the yoga practice so much I even started teaching it) but despite my efforts, I was still not at the physical level I wanted to be.

Splits were just a dream and my backbends were far away from being comfortable. 

Don’t get me wrong – yoga offered me A LOT – in terms of initial strength, mental clarity and sense of calm. Yoga, in its essence, is not just a physical practice.

BUT at the same time, I craved more in terms of my body. Especially flexibility & ease when doing certain moves.

I was not getting the results I wanted and on top of that, I started getting injured..

My hamstrings were constantly flaring up because of all the stretching I was doing during my yoga practice.

Only later on I learnt that the reason for this was because my muscles were simply weak. Focusing just on passive flexibility is not well a balanced approach to increasing range of motion.

Things modified for me once I were given uninterested sufficient with now no longer seeing development and commenced to search for different methods to advantage the extent of flexibleness I turned into after.. Instead of going to my yoga instructors for help (whose solution on the subject turned into some thing alongside the traces of “simply hold training and it’ll come..”), I spoke to coaches focusing on gymnastics, mobility and useful motion.   And way to them, I commenced coming across the magic of mobility schooling and energetic, dynamic and loaded stretching. After I carried out those strategies and have been given a based plan to follow (very vital piece!), matters commenced transferring as a substitute fast and I were given my splits in a count of three months. Important note: In no manner I’m promising you a “short fix” end result with this application. Flexibility and mobility is a adventure that must now no longer be rushed. But! I need you to realize that occasionally outcomes would possibly take much less time than we assume and in case you’re now no longer seeing development on your modern exercise, you must think about converting it up. This is the motive why I created “Beyond Flexibility” and why such a lot of students (over 40,000 proper now) have any such first-rate fulfillment with it. After coming across most of these equipment and experiencing the profound distinction it made in my exercise, I commenced coaching the standards via targeted workshops and “deep dive” classes. And now, I’m sharing this very equal exercise with you. Mobility Routines for all degrees to stretch, strengthen and sense good! These mobility workouts are best each for entire novices AND superior practitioners who’re seeking out liberating tension, harm prevention and growing higher variety of motion. Say goodbye to stiffness and welcome ease into your life. “Advanced Moves” Routines to development in backbends and splits If you are looking after growing your splits and backbends, appearance now no longer further, those workouts are for you. Expect a variety of energetic stretching and mobility work. No yoga, as a substitute some thing that might learn in a mobility / gymnastics / circus / motion class.  Theory motion pictures so that you recognize the method in the back of your schooling  There’s one issue that units aside the ones which might be a hit from those who are not and this is consistency. You have to expose up. And I agree with that it is plenty less complicated to expose up for your self and exercise in case you actually recognize what is occurring and WHY is the exercise going to advantage you. That’s why in those motion pictures I’m explaining you all you want to realize approximately stretching, flexibility and mobility. Proper programming with numerous focuses so that you can development withinside the simplest manner Creating simply drills or sequences with out right programming to get in your intention might be a half-assed job. Proper programming is some thing that units aside an ok application from an first-rate one. When you signal up, you’ll get get right of entry to to 7 specific programs (primarily based totally in your consciousness or level – such as “I’m a entire beginner” application, backbending application etc). I advocate to live on one application (consciousness) for at the least three-four weeks earlier than selecting any other one.

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