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Theta Healing LA has leveraged Brent's years of experience with Theta Healing and muscle testing to produce a DVD video specifically designed to teach you a wide range of muscle testing secrets, so you can muscle test yourself and others, quickly and easily!

Whether you are brand new to muscle testing, or an experienced Theta Healing or other holistic therapy practitioner, this DVD is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and troubleshooting techniques that will let you easily muscle test even the most difficult clients. What is on the DVD? The DVD begins with an overview and explanation of muscle testing, explaining how we can use muscle testing to test the subtle electrical and magnetic field around our body and see what is in our own subconscious mind. Next, the DVD presents detailed explanations of four different types of muscle testing: * The Standing Method * The Finger Ring Method * The Arm Lever Method * The Pendulum Method The DVD covers both self-testing (where you can muscle test yourself without needing a partner) and partner testing (where you work with another person to muscle test.) Even if you already are familiar with these methods of muscle testing, the DVD will offer many refinements and subtle adjustments that you can make to provide clearer, more accurate, faster muscle testing, even with people who normally have a lot of trouble muscle testing. The last section is devoted to troubleshooting, explaining many different tricks, tips, techniques, and processes that can be used to help everyone get clear muscle testing results. Do I need to know how to do Theta to use this DVD ? No! The DVD is designed so that anyone can instantly learn how to muscle test! What exactly is Muscle Testing? Muscle testing, also known as "Energy Testing", is a method of asking questions of the subconscious mind, or the body's cellular intelligence. By using muscle testing in the context of a Theta Healing session, it is possible to quickly identify the problem subconscious belief systems that are underlying an illness, injury, poverty, bad relationship, or any other life troubles. However, even without Theta Healing, muscle testing is an profoundly powerful technique, since it lets you look directly into the subconscious mind. To learn more about muscle testing, please visit the Muscle Testing pages on this site. Do I need this DVD if I have taken the Basics of Theta Healing seminar? Yes! While muscle testing is covered in the Basics of Theta Healing seminar, this DVD goes into a level of detail with muscle testing that is far beyond the knowledge and experience of most Theta Healing instructors. So even if you have been doing Theta Healing for years, you'll still be able to pick up new tips and tricks about muscle testing from this DVD.

Many Theta Healing and other alternative medicine and holistic healing practitioners are uncomfortable with muscle testing simply because they have not been given the proper training to do it correctly, accurately, and easily. As a result, it is quite unfortunate that many practitioners either minimize or completely avoid using muscle testing, which is a great disservice to both themselves and their clients.

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