Signal Exclusive Forex Course – Andy X Insider


The information in this section is some of the most important information in the course. Its here where we start to discuss some of the essential market concepts that you will be using as a trader. Starting right at ground zero with the most basic charting/trading concepts, then moving right up to the highest levels of professional technical pattern recognition.


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Part 01 – COURSE INTRODUCTION (51 mins)

  • Course Introduction (13:38)
  • Risk & Losses (9:24)
  • The Forex Market (15:37)
  • Getting Set Up (12:44)

Additional File: Techical Charting Software – metatrader 4

Part 02 – MARKET CONCEPTS (2 hours 12 mins)

The information in this section is some of the most important information in the course. Its here where we start to discuss some of the essential market concepts that you will be using as a trader. Starting right at ground zero with the most basic charting/trading concepts, then moving right up to the highest levels of professional technical pattern recognition.

  • Market Basics (41:20)
  • Trends (17:48)
  • Support & Resistence (39:56)
  • Channels (33:54)

Part 03 – ADVANCED ANALYSIS TOOLS (1 hour 57 mins)

In depth discussion on some of the more advanced analysis tools that well be using to assist us in our trading decisions.

  • Fibonacci Analysis (49:43)
  • Candlesticks (29:57)
  • Moving Averages (37:49)

Part 04 – FINAL PREPARATIONS (43 mins)

This part details the various final preparations that we will need to put in place before we can move on and start trading for real.

  • Pivot Points (9:59)
  • Fundamental Analysis (9:46)
  • Chart Set Up (23:40)

Part 05 – PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER (2 hours 39 mins)

Another key section. Its here where we put everything we have learnt so far together, and look at how we are going to be using it on a day to day basis. Very detailed chapters on my two main styles of trading – breakout trading and continuation trading, along with in depth discussions on exit strategies and some of the essential trading rules.

  • Breakout Trading (83:12)
  • Continuation Trading (24:34)
  • Exit/Stop Strategies (31:46)
  • Trading Rules (19:50)

Part 06 – THE MECHANICS OF TRADING (1 hour 30 mins)

We look at the mechanics of trading. How do we place a trade into the market? How do we use the various spread betting platforms? All the answers are contained visually within this section. A detailed discussion on the concept of spread betting, a step by step walkthrough of TWO separate trading platforms, and the long awaited information on auto trading.

  • The Mechanics of Spread Betting (22:08)
  • IG Index (34:29)
  • Capital Spreads (6:04)
  • Auto Trading (28:01)

Part 07 – TRADER PSYCHOLOGY (34 mins)

Despite being the shortest part in the set, this could well be one of the most important. Trader Psychology is an absolutely essential area that requires, and deserves, your full attention. This part culminates with a brief discussion on how professional traders give themselves that much sought after edge.

  • Trader Psychology (20:42)
  • The Professionals Edge (13:30)

Part 08 – RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS (1 hour 18 mins)

The final piece of the puzzle. Its in this part, that youll discover the various business management procedures that professional traders adhere to.

  • Record Keeping (18:01)
  • Money Management (33:37)
  • Expert Planning (27:02)

Additional File: A whole years worth of professional trading records in Microsoft Excel format.


We wrap everything up by going over the vital master trading plan. We also take a quick look around the private members support website, and finish off with an interesting chapter of final thoughts.

  • Master Trading Plan (25:32)
  • Support Website (5:20)
  • Final Thoughts (10:45)

Additional File: The Master Trading Plan in Microsoft Word Format.

Part 10 – (BONUS) LIVE TRADING DEMONSTRATION (1 hour 19 mins)

On this power packed Bonus section, you get an exclusive front row ticket where you can watch nearly 90 minutes of real life, LIVE trading. You will be walked through 3 trading examples in real time, as it actually happensno fillingno nonsense, just real live action as it actually happens. A vital learning resourceStudy this section well!


In this section there a number of additional course modules that supplement the content in the original 10 part course. All of these additional modules cover advanced material. These modules are for those that would like to extend their overall trading knowledge and start to learn about some of the more advanced technical trading tools. Always remember that the information in the original course is all you actually need to become a consistently profitable trader. Focus on that information first… study it and master it. Then, and only then, move onto these additional modules if desired.

Including more than 15 hours of video tutorials. Includes ALL material from the members only site.

RSI (19 mins)

RSI, or Relative Strength Index, is a popular technical indicator that can occasionally prove quite helpful.

MACD (13 mins)

MACD, or Mak D, is an advanced technical indicator that can be used in many different ways.

DIVERGENCE (19 mins)

Learning how to identify divergence is a very valuable skill to learn and can often lead to many profitable trades. [Cover the MACD module before viewing this one].

MACD & DIVERGENCE Pt 2 (31 mins)

This is the update video explaining how to add MACD onto your charts and how to start looking for Divergence patterns.


This video is for those of you that are experiencing the File Association Not Available error when trying to install the pivot points from part 4 of DVD Rom 1.

metaTRADER BASICS (1 hour 3 mins)

This video is for those experiencing problems with either the installation of metatrader, or the actual use of the program itself.

FIBONACCI (27 mins)

This video is an additional module on the correct usage of Fibonacci.

metaTRADER alertS (7 mins)

A short video on how to set audible alerts within metatrader.

AUTO TRADING (38 mins)

This video is an expanded explanation of various auto trading concepts.


The long awaited video on Bounce Trading.


A short mini module explaining how to get the metatrader data server coordinated.


An update video giving an extended explanation of Hidden Divergence.

SCALPING (1 hour 12 mins)

This is the scalping module, perfect for quieter times of the day, including evenings.


This module is split into 5 smaller chunks.

  • Part 1 (10:50)
  • Part 2 (12:10)
  • Part 3 (14:28)
  • Part 4 (10:37)
  • Part 5 (13:48)


This is the advanced FTSE masterclass, split into 3 parts due to size.

  • Part 1 (51:58)
  • Part 2 (34:26)
  • Part 3 (50:51)


  • Not Using Strong Enough Levels (15:11)
  • Missing The Bigger Picture (17:22)
  • Trading What You Think (11:42)
  • Not Controlling Emotions / Psychology (10:46)
  • Not Following The / Any Rules (13:11)
  • Fear (8:26)
  • Too Much Haste (7:44)
  • Viewing Charts Too Close (9:48)
  • Placing Stops Too Close (11:17)
  • Overtrading (4:48)
  • Using Fibonacci (15:36)
  • Missing / Ignoring Key Reference Points (12:19)
  • Lack Of Discipline (6:06)
  • Using Levels That Are Too Short Term (6:12)
  • Leaving Levels In Too Long (11:27)
  • Getting In Too Late – Chasing Trades (4:21)
  • Feeling Obliged To Trade (4:32)
  • Dabbling – Lack Of Preparation (4:07)
  • Missing Possible Re Entries / SAR (6:09)
  • Forgetting That Levels Can Be Sloping (3:48)

Forex & Trading – Foreign Exchange Course

You want to learn about Forex?

Foreign exchange, or forex, is the conversion of one country’s currency into another.

In a free economy, a country’s currency is valued according to the laws of supply and demand.

In other words, a currency’s value can be pegged to another country’s currency, such as the U.S. dollar, or even to a basket of currencies.

A country’s currency value may also be set by the country’s government.

However, most countries float their currencies freely against those of other countries, which keeps them in constant fluctuation.

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