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In this Masterclass Jon teaches you

  • 5 steps of hypnotising
  • Recognising somnambulists
  • How to use Suggestion: Instant, Rapid, Shock Inductions
  • How to wake people with the “Hypnotic Buzz”

and even a version of a slow induction, because not everyone wants a Ferrari!

Your Bonus’s

E-Learning essential and unique material to Academy of Hypnotic Arts Hypnosis Training

Don’t Look In His Eyes!

Jonathan’s best selling book ‘Don’t Look In His Eyes’ is included as a downloadable PDF manual. This will help you get insights into Jonathan’s philosophy and idea of Hypnosis.

One Amazon Reviewer said this of the book:

“Finally a book about hypnosis that strips away the BS! Two years ago I quit my hypnosis practice after 20 years.

his book is what hypnosis is really all about. I will read and re-read this book, and if you’re a hypnotist, I recommend you do the same. This book has inspired me to get back to hypnosis.”

Downloadable Audio

With each lesson is a downloadable version of the video. You will be able to play this from your favourite device when you can’t sit and watch the video.

Hypnos Head

Get Stage Hypnosis Masterclass – Jonathan Chase, Only Price $29

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