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Enroll The IG BlackFile 2.0 Course by HeyDominik course at Wisvalue.The game has just begun. More creators than ever are growing like never before. Accounts popping up like crazy and more people are looking for content just like yours. Price: $55

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The IGBF 2.0 Bundle is the most comprehensive Instagram training and coaching program currently available.

JOIN FOR $399 (60% OFF)

This program will walk you step-by-step through the process of building, growing and monetizing a successful Instagram brand.

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Ready for the Truth?

You’re probably thinking that Instagram is done, organic growth practically unachievable and the algorithm is pretty much dead.

The honest truth?

The game has just begun. More creators than ever are growing like never before. Accounts popping up like crazy and more people are looking for content just like yours.

People who are stuck at a plateau are usually those who listen to all the common, long outdated advice out there, teaching you quick growth hacks and no actual strategies to build a real brand with followers and fans.

The truth is, it’s takes more than just some growth hacks. You need a proven strategy to build and grow a brand that lasts through all these algorithm changes and “engagement drops”.

A brand with actual fans that are waiting for your content – growing not only WITH the algorithm instead of against it, but also kind of detaching itself from it.

This is Exactly What I Need!


In case you do not know me, my name’s Dominik,

I now no longer most effective run an Instagram centered advertising company (MVRQ) that manages and grows pinnacle manufacturers from scratch;

I additionally have long gone thru the entire technique myself:

Going from 0 – actually having no outcomes as a content material writer at all, to developing a private logo that fuels my organizations and permits me the factor I truly price the most: Freedom.

And that is what I surely need you to revel in too – and trust it or now no longer, it is truly quite plausible in case you realize what to do.

The IGBF is in which I map you out the whole technique I’ve painstakingly discovered myself – getting you on a FAST TRACK to now no longer most effective constructing your logo on Instagram with raving fans and fanatics, however to additionally be capable of make a dwelling out of it – the usage of my specific formulation and funnels.

The most effective factor you need to do is to take fee and execute.

HeyDominikis distinctive and relatively treasured to the social media advertising network as many are simply out for wealth and private gain, it’s clean Dominik isn’t a phoney fly with the aid of using night time guru; he surely cares approximately his audience.

– Disrupt Magazine

Do you locate your self in a number of those?

You are a (new) content material writer equipped to weigh down it from the start.
You suppose the set of rules is unfair, simply due to the fact you do not know the way to deal with it the proper way.
You realize which you want to construct an real logo rather than only a few short web page to get huge leverage for a lifetime.
You want a validated gadget which you simply want to comply with which will get outcomes.
You are bored with developing content material and no one truly being concerned approximately what you need to say.
You attempted different Instagram guides most effective to be dissatisfied that they nevertheless educate the equal antique methods.
You suppose you need to wait till you’ve got got 10k fans which will monetize and begin to make a dwelling.
You are inclined to execute and in reality do the paintings the usage of a step-with the aid of using-step gadget in an effort to get you in which you need to be.

Yes, that is so me!

I’ve grown from four hundred to over 5,000 fans in a be counted of weeks. Engagement is booming!

Michelle S.

The Only Instagram® Related Program Based On Continually Tested Strategies & Concepts

Let me be clean…

This is not some other one of these guruInstagram guides that educate Instagram Growth like it is nevertheless 2020 with the equal previous techniques they have been preaching for years.

After seeing quite a few those fake ‘gurus’ taking benefit of people, getting them to make investments their financial savings into horrible and previous products, and after on account that 99% of Instagram recommendation out there may be BS, I knew I needed to do something.

I’ve invested years of research, strolling an Instagram centered advertising company and delicate the technique that units aside a hit Instagrammers into a ‘equipped to implement’ gadget absolutely everyone can comply with, to get natural growth, putting you up for long-time period success.

No sleazy tactics – no comply with/unfollow. We’re speaking approximately constantly advanced advertising techniques to help you construct a actual logo with truefans.

The IG Black File™ is the most effective implementation software of its type that now no longer most effective suggests you precisely the way to construct your Instagram with enormously attractive fanatics in 2021 — however the way to to show the ones fanatics into paying clients.


  • Nailed down on a proven and validated niche (most people do not have a validated niche, contrary to what they think)
  • Branded & positioned yourself to become an opinion leader (with our expert positioning framework. And yes – everybody can become one, regardless of where you stand and what you do)
  • Built a strong Instagram foundationthat sets you up to get true fans and is optimized for the algorithm.
  • Become an Instagram Algorithm Pro (understanding every inch of the algorithms, how they play together and what you can do to give you massive reach)
  • Developed a bulletproof content strategy (creating content that builds demand, feeds the algorithm and make your engagement explode)
  • Implemented the latest IG growth strategies (to get laser targeted, organic Instagram growth – without having to be afraid of shadow-bans and whatnot)
  • Created & launched products your followers are waiting to buy (ever tried selling something to your audience and nothing happened? Not anymore!)

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