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If You Want To Learn How To Consistently Generate Nearly Unstoppable Floods Of Profitable Forex Trades No Matter How Small Your Capital, How Much Experience You Have Or What Training and Education You Have (Or Don’t Have)…


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When I first gave in to the flood of requests to offer some kind of training course in which I demonstrate how I harvest profits from the Forex market in an hour or two per day, I did not realize how many lives would ultimately benefit from this training. In this interactive video training workshop you will learn why I look at the markets differently from 95% of traders and how you can relax and enjoy an approach to trading that will set you apart as one of the elite inner circle of truly successful traders!…

If You Want To Learn How To Consistently Generate Nearly Unstoppable Floods Of Profitable Forex Trades No Matter How Small Your Capital, How Much Experience You Have Or What Training and Education You Have (Or Don’t Have)… And If You’re Sick And Tired Of All The Hype, Scams And Claims You See Online Lately, Then Read These Amazing Success Stories From Actual, Real Students…

The Best Kept Secrets in Forex Trading Revealed!

Have you ever noticed that the trading industry is set up by design to make money primarily for Forex Brokers and training companies? Have you noticed that all traders are taught to do the same things such as stick with short term day trading and only trade the EUR/USD? Have you also noticed that the most “traps” and erratic spikes occur in these time frames on the major pairs? Do you suppose there might be a reason why this is so? Do you think there might be a reason why certain training programs are promoted by the brokers? Without giving too much away, let me just say that there could be an entirely different way of approaching trading that could set you apart from the “dumb money” that brokers thrive off of, and place you into an inner circle of elite traders who generally keep quiet about their methods.

Will This Work With The New U.S. Regulations on

No Hedging and FIFO, (First In First Out)?

The new regulations in the U.S. do not prevent traders from entering and exiting winning trades. Your success in trading is determined by your ability to consistently enter winning trades a high percentage of the time and having larger wins and smaller losses. The new regulations do not affect your ability to do that. However, we do occasionally enter trades in the opposite direction on the same pair on different time frames and we enter multiple times in the same trend leaving longer term trades running while shorter term trades are entered and exited. FIFO still does not affect this strategy because these trades are typically closed at the same time. But one solution that some traders prefer is to trade with brokers outside the U.S. which are not affected by the new U.S. regulations. Some traders consider funds to be even safer with European brokers which still allow hedging and do not require FIFO trading.

Is this method long term or short term trading?

One of the main secrets revealed in this course is how to identify the time frame or time frames where the current trading opportunity is happening and how to trade on all time frames. Traders using our materials and in our live trading sessions trade on all time frames from the monthly to the 1 minute time frame.

Is it really possible to win in Forex with some brokers trading against their customers and manipulating the trades to make them lose?

Most of what you hear about brokers hunting stops and manipulation of data is paranoia on the part of traders who believe that brokers are causing them to lose when in fact it is their own trading decisions that are causing the losses. It is not possible for a broker to force you to make any trading decision. You are totally in control of that. If you choose to enter good trades that means you enter at the beginning or continuation of a trend. By definition that means that the price will not come back to your stop loss, unless you entered a bad trade. The most that a broker can do is slightly manipulate the execution of price by a few pips. If that causes a trader to consistetnly lose then the trader is not making good trading decisions with or without the broker’s assistance in losing. Otherwise price is historical fact that is documented on all charts in the world. Brokers do not make the price go up on only your chart while mine is going down. The complete history of all price action is on your chart, mine and everyone else’s chart. If the price reached your stop loss you are taken out. If it did not reach your stop loss and the broker took you out then show it to them and get a different broker. The bottom line is that what traders talk about as being broker problems are often totally hallucinated or imagined. The truth is brokers do not need any assitance to get traders to lose. It is often said that 95% will lose no matter what the broker does and the broker does not need to individually hunt for each trader’s stop loss to manipulate price a few pips in order to help them lose more quickly. If you enter a good trade there is nothing a broker can do to make the price not go hundreds of PIPS in your favor and not come back which is what happens when you enter a trend. Is it possible for a broker to make the market go a different direction on only one trader’s chart? In the Platinum Trading Group you can discuss this with other traders who are currently earning their sole income through trading.

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Yin Yang Forex Trading Course by Steve G. Jones

It has long since been known by professional traders that understanding how to enter and exit trades is only a small percentage of success in trading. A big percentage of success lies in the subconscious mind and trading psychology. Programming the subconscious mind using tools such as self-hypnosis can greatly increase a traders ability to master the business of Forex trading. This hypnosis CD by Steve G. Jones is designed to program the subconscious mind to succeed in Forex trading. Scott Shubert has collaborated with Steve G. Jones, master hypnotist, in the creation of this CD using the principles specific to the Yin Yang Forex trading method.

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