Trade On The Fly – Michele


Michele has been a full time trader since 2001. Her style includes both day and swing trades, with an emphasis on swing trading.



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Michele – Trade on the Fly DVD contents:

Chapter 01: Introduction

Chapter 02: Getting Started

  • What Is Swing Trading?
  • Pross of Swing Trading
  • Cons of Swing Trading
  • What Are ETFs?
  • Examples of ETFs
  • Why You Should Care About Technical Analysis?
  • What Is Technical Analysis?
  • What Is Chart?
  • Types of Chart?
  • What Are Technical Indicators?
  • Which Technical Indicators?
  • Strategy – What Is Your Trade Plan?
  • Your Trade Criteria
  • Review

Chapter 03: Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • What Is Technical Analysis?
  • Technical Indicators

Chapter 04: Long Setups

  • “Long”depicts the direction you wish the stock to go
  • “Long” has nothing to do with the length of time you are in the trade
  • Buy low, sell higher
  • Several chart patterns,lets go over few

Chapter 05: Short Setups

  • Bearish setups
  • Profit from the price going lower
  • Four main patterns

Chapter 06: Support And Resistance

  • Develops over time
  • Helps us find good risk to reward areas to enter positions
  • Helps with areas to exit as well
  • Once key support breaks, it often becomes resistance – and visa versa

Chapter 07: Tools of the Trade

  • Finding setups
  • Using multiple timeframes to find entries
  • Using the technical indicators
  • Managing the trade & exits

Chapter 08: Questions & Answers

  • How do I scan and find setups?
  • What brooker do I use?
  • Do I use level 2?
  • I´m a new trader and I can´t find my way
  • I’m trying incorporate swing trading into my strategy, coming from a day trading background
  • and other questions & answers.

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