Two Step Basics Vol 1-3. – Shawn Trautman


Learn how to dance Two-Step with Shawn Trautman's All New 3 DVD set with over 4 hrs of non-stop video lessons. Teamed with former national champion Nicole Frye, Shawn unveils a new teaching format, tons of tips & tricks, bonus sections, practice music, & much more!


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Product Description

Learn how to dance Two-Step with Shawn Trautman's All New 3 DVD set with over 4 hrs of non-stop video lessons. Teamed with former national champion Nicole Frye, Shawn unveils a new teaching format, tons of tips & tricks, bonus sections, practice music, & much more!

Shawn’s three (3) step-by-step Two-Step Basics dance videos show you everything you'll need for true lead & follow 2-step using fun & easy practice drills you won't find anywhere else… in no time flat you'll be dancing around your room & jamming to your favorite 2-step dance music.

Each of these 3 DVDs included in the Two-Steps Basics series is set up like a private lesson in your living room. Simply pop the disc in, push play, stand up, and dance along with Shawn and Nicole as you learn the steps, train your body with proper exercises, and practice to music.

By the end of this set you will be confidently dancing the Two-Step basic steps, turns, spins, and more.


"Absolutely Fantastic! I'm a first time customer & now completely sold on Shawn's instruction. My girlfriend & I have been taking weekly 2-step classes for the last 3 mo. & I wanted to go back and work on the basics. In the first 15 minutes alone I picked up several things I wish I'd known earlier." –Tommy T

"This set will definitely deliver what you need. If you know how to two-step, you can dance to most of the best country music. This set of two-step videos is broken into 3 DVDs, and each one is very thorough. There is a lot of detail for a beginner's video, but now having gone through it I can t imagine trying this dance without it!" –D. Ryan (TX)

About the Actor

The Two-Step Basics 3 DVD Pack features the instruction of Shawn Trautman and Nicole Frye from Dance Videos Direct Studios. Originally from Clearwater, FL, Shawn Trautman began dancing at an early age and never looked back. He studied everything from tap, jazz, and modern dance to country, ballroom, Latin, and Line Dancing and began competing and teaching when he was in High School. From the onset of his teaching career, Shawn has devoted himself to empowering others and getting them excited about dancing.

After completing his MBA in 2001, Shawn Trautman began developing an approach to dancing that would encompass multiple learning styles and concepts that made sense to large audiences. In 2003, Shawn launched a new business venture that focused on delivering the concepts he’d developed and the business quickly took off. By 2005, Shawn and his team had released more than a dozen DVDs and had built an extensive network for distribution. In 2006, Shawn and his wife Joanna were selected by Thomson Course Technologies to author Picture Yourself Dancing, a pilot series that has since added nearly 100 titles worldwide using the instruction methods Shawn developed. Between 2007 and 2010, Shawn continued developing his instruction methods, released a number of dance lesson DVDs, secured a number of contracts including music licensing, built a fulfillment center and production studio in Clearwater, FL and has started producing titles for other instructors & brands under the Dance Videos Direct label.

Originally from Florida, Nicole Frye graduated with her Masters in Education and has a strong passion for teaching that is evident in her many students’ successes. Nicole Frye has been dancing since 1997 and has been involved in many competitive dance events. Nicole Frye soon took her dancing very seriously and began training for competition in the country western dance circuit, UCWDC. For years, she trained with top country, ballroom, and swing instructors around the U.S. and ended up competing in all eight of the available dance categories (Triple Two Step, Night Club Two Step, Polka, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Two Step, East Coast Swing, and West Coast Swing). Nicole Frye and her partner quickly worked their way up to Division 1 and accumulated several 1st Place overall finishes at a number of National competitions.

Today, Nicole Frye focuses on her strengths as a genuinely passionate person and delivers her brand of instruction in a fun and unique way. Whether socially or for competition purposes, Nicole Frye can help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Take a look at the instruction videos she’s a part of and reap the benefits of her vast knowledge base.

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